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Innocence Agency

for the wrongly convicted & wrongly overlooked

for the wrongly convicted feeling underserved by innocence projects

Disappointed in the Innocence Movement? You know you or your loved one is innocent of a wrongful conviction, but you can get few if anyone in authority to take a meaningful look. 

Innocence agency serves as a bridge between your viable innocence claim and those with the potential to do something about it. It cannot promise exoneration, but can potentially deliver something far better. Maybe we can create justice beyond the legal system. Ready to blaze a new trail with us? Simply start with your automatically estimated innocence.


In a series of weekly online sessions, starting only a half-hour each, innocence agency personally supports your journey for justice. In five strategic phases, it raises the bar on how to address this overlooked problem of wrongful convictions. After enduring years of lost innocence, you and your loved ones deserve no less.



Discover your situation & options

We start by discovering how this innocence agency can help you or your wrongly convicted loved one finally be exonerated. And we explore all your options if the court fails to honor your innocence. If you or your loved one is truly innocent of all the charges, then we shall not accept ‘no’ as an answer.

Look at what you can do, and can’t

We look into how the wrongful conviction has impacted you, and affected those close to you. We look into your personal responsibilities and your affected abilities. We explore how the wrongful conviction has made it difficult for you to resolve all of your needs.

Man behind Broken Glass


woman looking at tank


Look at attracting support

We look toward other’s responsibility to you. We onboard your supporters. We assemble your most compelling story, and start preparing it for a targeted audience. We position your story to compel attention to your viable innocence claim.

Look at structural obstacles and address them

We pull back the curtains to expose how systems contribute to social problems like wrongful convictions. We place your innocence in the context of morally enduring these structural or systemic problems. Together, we speak truth to power with the power of love.


Phase 4.

Mobile Crane

Phase 5. LOOK UP

Phase 5. LOOK UP
Look deep into resolving all affected needs

We take the higher moral road of resolved needs. We link problems to unresolved needs, and challenge powerholders to cease impeding your capacity to resolve your needs—including your need for exoneration. Together, we accord legitimacy only to those authorities that allow us to resolve needs, starting with your need for justice.

How much does this cost?
Free subscription

We provide a free DIY version of this service to innocence claimants with an estimated innocence score of 80% or higher. They only get charged if they book one-on-one online personalized support. We incentivize claimants and their proxy to incentivize innocence litigators to invest in their campaign.


While free to dirt cheap for those seeking exoneration with a viable innocence claim, this service is paid for by lawyers gaining competencies to effectively serve the innocent. To attract their investment, the claimant or their proxy launches a crowdfunding campaign. Claimants then invest in these lawyers' development to serve the needs of the innocent. These lawyers invest in setting the innocent free.

Affordable and more targeted

All sessions are pre-paid in full. We use Zoom or Google Meet. For the incarcerated claimant, this service is directed to their delegated proxy. Each weekly 25-minute session only costs $50. This includes a follow-up online chat session later in the week at no extra charge.


You can cancel up to 12 hours before a scheduled session. After that, a no-show is billed the full amount. The first time this occurs, we can then negotiate crediting this for a follow-up session. You receive a full refund for any week an innocent agent must cancel.

Yes, this comes to $2 per minute for billed hours. But this is far less than what lawyers charge, who repeatedly fail you. And this is comparable to out-of-pocket costs for counseling.


Both lawyers and counselors focus more on easing the pain of your unresolved public needs. Neither one will speak truth to power on your behalf to fully resolve your justice need. Fully resolved needs remove the cause for pain, and does more to improve your wellbeing. This also benefits your relationships. You get plenty of value for your money.

Shared costs

You can pay the full weekly amount on your own, or copay it with supporters. Invite others who believe in the claimant's innocence to chip in. Each contributing supporter receives regular reports on how this justice journey is progressing. Feel free to ask about this option when we first meet online.

For example, you could cover $20 while three supporters cover $5 each and a fourth one contributes $15. Any contributor covering at least a quarter of the weekly costs receives not only regular progress reports but also a vote in major decisions. The claimant almost always has the final say in matters.

Deferment discount

If $50 each week is more than you can afford alone at the start, you can defer the full weekly amount to get started. You simply start with a steep discount, paying only half of the listed charge. Then you spread the deferred amount to later sessions. This is ideal for when your supporters help you co-pay for your weekly support sessions by the time you get past the first phase.

Potential investment

If you decide to "go public" with our premium service of an advocacy campaign, all the costs you incur for this service can be rolled over as an investment. We can then seek reimbursement from those who invest in your "cause" to help those similarly situated in your campaign.

Free consultation

Perhaps you need to test the water of this pioneering service. We offer a 7-day trial period on a limited basis. Reserve a spot now before the schedule fills up. Start your justice journey today!

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