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How can Harmony Politics help you attract voters?

general voters
angry voters
independent voters
calling-for-revolution-in-the-streets voters
disillusioned voters
disgusted voters
rightly distrustful voters
disengaged voters

Value Relating Political Consulting

like you have never seen political consulting before

Harmony Politics upends traditional thinking about politics. It digs beneath our guarded political differences. It finds and affirms our vulnerably different priority of needs.

The more you can relate to the differing priorities of your diverse constituents, the greater your appeal across the political spectrum. (Note how each of these support statements are testable hypotheses.)

Value Politics upends traditional political consulting. It transcends partisanship. It enables you to affirm the prioritized needs on both sides, without compromising your political values. 

The more you affirm the vulnerable needs behind our political differences, the more of a trusted leader you can be. 

whether you lean left

or you lean right

Harmony Politics adds a dimension to your campaign you unlikely can find anywhere. Now you have an answer for what you can do about political polarization

The more you focus on resolving each other's publicly affected needs, and less on generalizing for their relief, the more you can brand yourself as beyond petty political polarization. 

Imagine the competitive advantage you can have over your political opponents. Voters of either party can then trust you more to relate to their politicized needs

The more you support each side to resolve their needs, from the standpoint of your ideological role for government, the less cynical your voters about how you must be running for office for the power.

Your messaging

Divisive politics sends the message that some of us are better than others. 

The more a voter is told they’re wrong, the more defensive they naturally get. The more divisive your messaging, the more the mature voter sees you as immature, as unfit for leadership.

Harmony Politics enables you to relate more honestly with all voters. 

The more your message sees some value in the opposing party, the more you appeal to those less ideologically inclined.

How can Harmony Politics enhance your messaging?

Donor appeal

Divisive politics generally attracts ideologically extreme donors

The more ideologically passionate an appeal for funds, the less inspired the independent voter to contribute (or vote).

Harmony Politics creates unparalleled value to attract independent voter investment. 

The more pioneering your message to transcend political polarization, to resolve the needs behind our political differences, the more inspired the independent voter to contribute.

How can Harmony Politics attract donors to your campaign?


Divisive politics disillusions most independent voters. 

The more divisive both candidates, the less motivated the independent voter has reason enough to vote.

Harmony Politics gives disillusioned voters reason to vote. 

The more unifying one candidate, from the convictions of their political values, the more inspired the independent voter to turn out and vote for them.

How can Harmony Politics get out the vote for you?

Or first view a 21-minute video to understand political orientation better than anyone.

See a 90-second thank-you message to all liberals.

See as 90-second thank-you message to all conservatives.

Scroll through a slide presentation empowering politics with love.

Listen or read a lengthy exposé of this love-empowering politics.

Watch my eCourse: Defusing Polarization: Beyond Divisive Politics.

Leave a comment on what you think about all this.

Catch the future of politics right here. Or risk getting left behind.

Not interested? Your opponent may be.

Harmony Politics cuts both ways. 

The longer you take to seize this opportunity, the sooner your political foe may find it and use it to create competitive advantage over you.

Value Politics offers exclusive rights for our support. to apply Harmony Politics to your political aims. 

The quicker you book a session to lock in our exclusive support, the sooner we can exclude being hired to apply Harmony Politics to your opponent’s political aims.

How can Value Politics apply Harmony Politics to your political needs? 

We offer a test-the-waters hourly approach. Book a session to see if this can work for you.

We also offer a go-all-in project approach. Let us know what you need for us to reply with a quote.

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