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A Supportive Hug

Innocence Agency: Phase Two


Let's build your base of support to inspire you to speak truth to power

Before contacting those with the power to help exonerate your innocent loved one, or yourself, we ensure you are ready to speak truth to power. We help you stretch your capacity to endure some discomforts you will likely face. We help you build a support base. We give you practice speaking truth to power. Finally, in this phase, we identify who will be the first powerholders to invite to this pioneering process. Let's get to it!

Pilates Exercise
1. Stretch your endurance
Expand your tolerance to resolve needs

Let's be honest. This can drag you through a lot of frustration and heartache. You risk retraumatization. We stretch your comfort zone to face such pain. We help you turn from avoiding pain to embrace it, to finally remove its cause.

2. Build your support base
Grow your list of supporters


Review and send an invitation to each of your prospective supporters of this viable innocence claim. 

Holding Hands
Love the World
3. Practice the power of love
Make a habit of respecting needs over laws

Overcome alienation of laws by deliberately communicating your needs. Cultivate mutual understanding of each other's specific needs, frequently overlooked by alienating rules. Give your new team members reason to support you.

4. Identify powerholders
List those in authority impacting you

The claimant (and proxy) provides a list 

Now let's look outward to challenge this wrongful conviction together.


NOTE: You can shape this service by sharing what you specifically need. It will continue to evolve to fit the  needs of each one trying it. 

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