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a new professional field applying the discipline of anankelogy, 
to better understand each other's needs


Need-response exists as a viable alternative to adversarial law and to divisive politics. Those law-centered approaches too quickly divide us into opposing camps. We will always fail, and those institutions will fail us, when opposing what each other inflexibly needs.


We can do more to relate to these underlying needs, and to support each other's efforts to resolve those needs.  With need-response, we can now work together to solve problems by working together to resolve the underlying needs. One rewarding act of love at a time.

Bowling Shoes

One size does not fit all

One size does not fit all
Your safest generalization is to love. 


Every law and every authority exists in response to some need. Those needs emerged first as objective reality. You do not choose to be thirsty, for example, but objectively must replenish lost fluids in order to fully function. All norms and laws regarding water emerged as culturally shaped responses to it. Once your thirst is quenched, you need no authority to tell you how you can quench your thirst. Any authority of law is only as good as it results in resolved needs.

You don't know all
You believe what you need to believe.


Laws are kept vague to apply to a wide range of situations; they rarely speak to specific needs. Laws are kept impersonal to avoid favoritism; they tend to alienate us from each other's personal needs. Laws are enforced adversarially; they easily provoke our hostility. 


You don't know what you don't know

High Fives

Need-Response Incentivizes Cooperation

NR Incentivizes Cooperation
We cannot solve our specific problems from the level of generalizing that created them.


Instead of overgeneralizing law, NR gives you nuance. Instead of impersonal law, NR engages each other's personal needs. Instead of hostilities, NR mutually addresses each other's needs. Instead of spreading more hate, NR encourages our love.

Resolved Needs Improve Health
While no one sits above the law, no law sits above the needs they exist to serve.


As our needs receive improved attention, we can then suffer less pain. Less anxiety, less depression, less addictive behaviors. We can then function better and reach more of our personal and our shared potential. Laws can guide, but we must do the love.


Resolved Needs Improves Wellness


The Need-Response Process

The Need-Response Process
There is no good nor bad except for need.


Need-response takes you through a cyclic path of 1) announcing its intent, 2) assessing responsiveness to the identified needs, 3) auditing competency to legitimately impact such needs, and 4) avowing to more fully resolve the neglected needs. This can complement counseling and law enforcement, or compete with these institutions. Ready to try it?

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