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Are you or someone you know wrongly convicted and not yet exonerated?

Prove your innocence without lawyers

Let the facts of your case automatically calculate your innocence.

Download the Estimated Innocence Form 

See our privacy policy for our commitment to never abuse your trust in us.

Click here to download this free Excel spreadsheet

Steph's COVI (EIF-C).jpg
While waiting for the authorities to recognize your innocence, you instantly get a Certificate of Verifiable Innocence.

You get to immediately announce your estimated innocence for all to see.

Use it to convince others of your overlooked wrongful conviction.

Give the innocence movement reason to review your case next.

Instantly get your own Notification of Verifiable Innocence.

Inform others of your compelling case of innocence in a single page.
Debunk the myth that all felons claim innocence.

Quickly show others the problem of wrongful convictions.
Steph's NOVI (EIF-C).jpg
display page 1, Steph.jpg
Boost your score with independent verification.
Be among the first to use this and help create history.
Simple to use:
  1. Download for free.
  2. Fill in all the white fields.
  3. See your estimated innocence.

Check out a sample of the completed form.


Send a paper form to your incarcerated claimant.

See how much compensation you might be owed, plus much more.


Download the form today to see what your estimated innocence can do for you.

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EIF wrongful conviction rate page (ex-prisoner pop).jpg


  • Innocence Projects routinely receive more requests than they can serve.

  • Criminal courts routinely deny their errors and typically are not incentivized to take responsibility.

  • It takes them a long time to review each case, forcing you to wait years to find justice.


You now have an alternative to the slow legal process.

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Currently requires MS Excel or reader to utilize.

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After you download the spreadsheet, it will open in PROTECTED VIEW. Go ahead and click on Enable Editing to start using it. The form will not work until you do.

By using this tool, you agree with our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If these terms and this policy do not fit your need, you are not to use this tool. We welcome you to contact us to suggest how we can fit these to your particular needs.

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