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Open Book

Talk with the author about anything anankelogy.

Learn to understand your needs like never before.

Anankelogy comes with a whole new set of concepts, new vocabulary terms, and a pioneering way to frame questions about your needs. Here you can talk with someone about this new disciplined study needs. Starting for free!

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  • Facebook

Option 1:


Group chat

Free exchange up to 25 minutes

Join our Facebook group. Click the button below to request a time for me to attend a group chat. Then start a thread. No privacy is assumed, but you could be the only one in the group at the time. 

Option 2:

One-on-one texting

$10 soon, now only $5 for each  10 mins

Use SMS, Messenger, or an app of your choice to text with the author about anankelogy. Pay in advance for the first ten minutes, then receive a bill for any added time. For a limited time, the first five minutes are free.

Happy Girl Texting
paid services
Business Video Call

Option 3:

One-on-one video call

$50 soon, now only $25 for each  25 mins

Use Zoom, Skype, Teams or other video call app to talk in person with the author. Pay in advance for the first 25 minutes, then receive a bill for any added time. Coupons are available for the asking.

Option 4:


$150 soon, now only $75 for each  hour

Use Zoom, Skype, Teams or other video call app or meet in person with the founder of anankelogy. Fit this to your project. First consultation is free. Pay in advance for each of the following sessions.

Smiling Person Talking through Headphones
Business Meeting

Option 5:

Deep dive

Negotiate the terms

Hire Steph to apply anankelogy to your own particular needs or project. Negotiate a contract for where and when we meet, for how much, for determining ROI, and more.

Questions you may want to ask

Or feel free to think up your own.
Spur the discussion. Add a question below.
Why are political views not as freely chosen as we commonly assume?
How does psychosocial tension shape our political views?
Why doesn't pain always go away when a need fully resolves?
How does popular generalizing contribute to social problems?
How is symfunctionality different from pathology?
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