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I, Steph Turner, consider myself as a "transspirit" who is spiritually compelled to transcend divisive norms to connect with all sides, in order to more fully resolve affected needs. Does this resonate with you?

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What it means to be a transspirit

Being a transspirit compels me to transcend conventionality. Wherever norms divide us into conflicting sides, transspirituality pulls me to connect across the divide, to relate and resolve affected needs. Even if at odds with enforced divisive norms, I am compelled to put needs ahead of norms for keeping social order. I am spiritually compelled to follow a higher standard than merely following the law.


I'm something of a sacred misfit. I've been scorned and falsely accused for not fitting into established but divisive norms. Being tuned in more with deeper realities beyond conventionally means innuendo is often lost on me. Subtle hints can fly right by me. I can be most at peace with the natural world while much of the social world can be hostile toward me. Love compels me to connect with you and others at a much deeper level than social controlling norms.


How about you? Do you feel compelled to resolve needs by transcending divisive norms? Do you feel a natural integration of your feminine and masculine energies? Do you ever feel socially excluded while feeling deeply connected with universal principles? Perhaps you too are a transspirit. Would you like to discuss it with a kindred spirit? Then drop me a line. I'd love to connect with you.

Overview. Nature compels some of us to transcend those divisive norms creating too many painful problems. We find ourselves spiritually connected at a deeper level than normally allowed by conventional categories.

Needs and Norms. Most of us go along with established norms. As long as they ease our needs enough to avoid too much pain. Others of us are compelled to question any norm keeping us from reaching our full potential.

Divergency and Deviance. It’s one thing to deviate from a norm that violates what someone needs. But it’s quite another when a norm itself violates our needs. Some of us are compelled to diverge from such norms to give more respect for needs that norms ideally exist to serve.

Normativity and Transnormativity. Many of us conform to norms that pit us against each other. Some of us transcend such norms to respect the underlying inflexible needs on all sides. Instead of going along with norms for easing needs or relieving pain, transspirits yearn to fully resolve all needs to remove cause for pain. And reach more of life’s potential.

Transnormativity to Transspirituality. It’s one thing to choose to diverge from unhealthy divisive norms. But transspirits feel compelled to follow innate cues for resolving needs ahead of any external cues others regard as essential for social life. Transspirits may get scorned, rejected, punished, or worse. Like the prophets of old, transspirits may be misunderstood in their lifetime. But the force of nature creating transspirits insists on balancing the imbalanced at whatever the cost of such love.

Gendered holistic spirituality

Most normies get pulled into gendered extremes. They can be indulgently oppositional. They oversimplify what they claim to oppose. They vacillate between extremes. Consequently, they get stuck in a rut of perpetual pain. Not the transspirit. The spirituality of deeper connection compels the transspirit to transcend gendered extremes. Spirituality compels them to integrate the best of each gendered side into a holistic oneness. This full-gendered potential energizes them to more fully resolve needs, to remove cause for pain, and raise functioning. The more the transspirit transcends divisive norms to resolve needs, the more they appear questionably different from established divisive norms. Many normies religiously guard their divisive norms. The more the transspirit escapes the grip of pain, the more some normies project their pain onto them. Transspirituality compels the transspirit to endure discomforts to integrate complementary sides to reach their full potential, to spur more love instead of reactionary hate.

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Does this speak to you?

Do you feel a constant tug to blend masculine and feminine traits? Do you think of yourself as transgender but wonder if there is more to it than gender identity? Do you regard yourself as “nonbinary” because you relate to both of your masculine-ascribed and feminine-ascribed qualities?

Do you feel yourself continually pulled to relate to others as if you are them on a mystically deep level? If you hurt another, do you feel you are actually hurting yourself in some hard to explain way? Do you experience an strong compulsion to reach your life’s full potential?


Perhaps you too are a transspirit. Perhaps you need to connect with a kindred spirit. Perhaps together we could build a community of remarkable souls. Let’s spread some love among ourselves.

Could you be a transspirit?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to meet other kindred spirits. Let's connect. Here are some options.

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