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How it works

Three easy steps to tap into our free interactive information


1. Download
2. Personalize
3. Transform


our interactive info for free.

Download one of our free tools. You will need Excel to use the tool. Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.


with your own information.

Enable editing and start reading the material. Personalize it by filling in the white blanks with your own info.


how you relate to needs.

Consider booking a session to speak this truth to power. Take your power back by responding better to needs.


Enable editing


Use these free tools to help resolve your many power-impacted needs. Whether you are a person in some authority over others, or you are under other’s authority, you may find these tools helpful toward 

solving problems

by resolving needs,

removing pain, and

improving life.

If all you need is this free liberating information, great. If you need a hand making the most of it, we created consulting sessions for us to optimize it with you online.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it before. And I must say it’s long overdue!”

Unlike any consulting service before...

Consulting how-to
1. Choose your tech

1. Choose your tech options.

You receive all our services online. 

A) PICK A DATE & TIME:  Schedule a time for us to communicate online using our booking process.

book a session.png

One session only?

One session per week?

Sessions back-to-back?

Two or more sessions per week?

Your booking choice may depend on whether you are seeking structured or unstructured support.

B) PICK A DEVICE:  Choose a device to communicate with us.





Behind this choice is how much privacy you will need, and how we can best secure your privacy.

VR on different devices.jpg
C) PICK AN APP:  Choose an app for us to communicate.

VR on different devices.jpg
Video chat app options.png


Google Meet?

Facebook Messenger Video?


Something else?

Also to secure your privacy and work with an app your most comfortable and familiar with.

2. Choose your style

2. Choose your service option.

You next choose a structured or unstructured style. Or simply try it once for free and go no further.

1. ONCEOVER:  You book a free SMS session and decide to go no further.

You book your first SMS Guidance session using the First Session Free coupon code. You understandably want to try before you buy


Or you book the 15-minute Intro session. If you end the interaction before the 15 minutes is up, you only pay the $2.50 deposit.

We suggest you try this option if uncertain about us. Or unsure about a good online connection. Or still wondering if a structured or unstructured style would be best. Or to simply test the waters.

Woman Texting
SMS for Guidance VR session.jpg


2. UNSTRUCTURED:  You lead with your own agenda.

You book the sessions and control the agenda. You decide how often we meet, as slots remain available. You decide what we discuss during each session, as long as it relates to resolving needs. 

Perhaps you prefer to focus more on how to make the most of our Exaction Invoice tool. Or explore anankelogy in depth, to find how it can help your organization meet its goals. Or learn how to grow your own responsive to tackle a social problem.


If leading with your own agenda, you assume the cost of these sessions as an out of pocket expense.

This could be your gateway toward project-based consulting.


3. STRUCTURED:  You let us lead with our unique psychosociotherapeutic process.

You book sessions to engage another party in our psychosociotherapeutice process. You either start or respond to a dialogue to turn power relations away from mutual hostilities to mutual support

You let us lead with our need-resolving structure. If the powerless one, you invest in yourself. If the more powerful one, you see an investment opportunity.

Others invest in the powerless when seeing the value in focusing on resolving power-impacted needs. The powerless gets reimbursed, and then some, when enticing others with their need-resolving value. The powerful linked to resolving needs improve their branding.


3. When structure best

When a structured option is best.

If you seek our support to speak truth to power, or responding to an invitation to listen to those impacted, we can only serve you through our unique psychosociotherapeutic process

Our online psychosociotherapeutic process


If powerless in a power relation, we say your are the Impactee. You are impacted by the relation more than you impact it.

You likely avoid complaining directly, lest you risk some unpleasant consequences. How can you tell them how they painfully impact your needs?

If you feel this way, are others also enduring in silence? How can you all turn what seems to be a negative relationship into a more positive one?

By speaking truth to power

in a way they would want to listen to those impacted.

G-S-A funnel jpg.jpg



If powerful in a power relation, we say your are the Impactor. You impact the relation more than you are impacted by it.

This may be the first time you heard any complaints from those under your influence. How were you to know you had this impact on their needs?

If they feel that way, are others like them also keeping silent? How can you turn what seems to be a negative relationship into a more positive one?

By listening to those impacted

in a way encouraging them to speak truth to power.


Speak Truth To Power

Turn your power situation from suffered coercion to a resource for resolving impacted needs.


Gain support for your passion to serve an underserved need with income potential.

So Value Relating builds a bridge

for both sides to do exactly that. 


Listen To Those Impacted

Turn your social power from a coercive threat to a resource for resolving impacted needs.


Gain competitive advantage over others unaware of their damaging toxic impact.

Power Balancing

To guide, support, and advocate for you to help improve their response to your impacted needs.

Power Coaching

To guide, support, and advocate for you to respond better to the needs you impact.

In a three phase process, Value Relating

guides, supports, and advocates for both

sides to resolve their impacted needs.

If powerless to another, start on the left side in green.

If in power over another, start on the purple right side. 

G-S-A funnel jpg.jpg



No one has authority over your needs. What you need does not submit to authority

Those in authority cannot read minds. They're busy reporting to a higher authority.

Power isn't really power unless it resolves needs. Otherwise it's just coercive force.

And there is no such thing as pain apart from unresolved needs.

Fully resolving power-impacted needs on both sides fully removes its pain.

And raises us all up to more of our full potential.

How? By one mutually loving step at a time.

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