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Welcome to Value Relating’s one-of-a-kind consulting services. You will be served best if you provide some information ahead of time. We don’t want to take up your paid time with simple details.

Let's get off to strong start by using the Check In form below to provide us the following helpful information:

  • Your identifying information.

  • Which session you booked and when.

  • If you are the reporting impactee or not.

  • Your anticipated device.

  • Your preferred communication app.

  • If pursuing our structured process or not.

  • If you are new to this or not.

  • Your current levels of anxiety and depression.

  • Your review and agreement of our terms of service.

  • And any thing we should know before we start.

Thank you for the honor of serving your power-impacted needs.


Any time we ask you to share personal information, such as your name and email address, we want to remind you of your privacy rights.

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Answer these items to allow us to best serve you. Check our privacy policy to guard your rights.

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If you selected the structured format, the following items are required. Think how the power relation affects you, then indicate your current level of anxiety & depression.

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