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By Steph Turner

What is Empower Politics?


Empower Politics replaces politics-as-usual, which tends to be self-serving, groupish, and needlessly divisive. Empower Politics unleashes the power within others to actively identify, express and freely address their own needs, trusting this to improve their responsiveness to your needs. Empower Politics emphasizes respect for one another’s needs, encouraging the best path for each to resolve those needs.



Empower Politics is specifically a service of Value Relating, an independent, nonpartisan consultancy prioritizing individual's and group's specific needs over political generalizations. We want voters to win more than politicians to win, and we trust you to agree.


Unlike the typical political consultancy service, our nonpartisan stance makes us uniquely qualified to serve both sides. If you don’t access our services before any of your opponents, they could gain competitive advantage ahead of you.



So let me ask you a bold question. Why should anyone vote for you? Right now, what honestly differentiates you from your opponents? If voters pick up that you’re following politics as usual, they’ll likely be drawn more to whatever candidate stands out the most.


But that could be you. You could differentiate yourself from politics-as-usual with Empower Politics. Not only can it free you from the clutches of polarization, it can attractively differentiate you from status quo contenders.


Envision yourself gaining competitive advantage. You amass the wide appeal of being responsive to the needs on all sides, and the deep appeal of putting specific needs over generalized ideas.

  • No compromise.

  • No overreaching promises.

  • No more polarization.

Simply dissolving polarized political hostilities with a new way of demonstrating your love to your constituents. Let’s contrast Empower Politics to politics-as-usual.

Empower Politics



listening for the delicate needs behind the hardened shell of political rhetoric


 relating honestly and humbly the different but normal ways we experience our needs


embrace others after realizing their experience of needs cannot readily change


specifying what’s best in each instance, respecting case-by-case situations


offering value to all in need,
inspiring reciprocation to sustain value


need resolving focus over pain relieving, resolve all relevant needs that prompt the pain to alert of unmet needs in the first place


bridging dysfunctional polarization
with one loving step at a time


love the politically different





debating political ideas as if they are
objective reasons all must accept


arguing beliefs with defensive certainty, masking subjectively experienced needs


reject others for not changing their minds after attempts of persuasion


generalizing what should be done,
as if one-size-fits-all universally


demanding value for own team,
denigrating non-team members


pain relieving focus over need resolving, typically more focused on continually
relieving own pain and own group’s pain


sliding into polarized opposites
while taking little if any responsibilit


hate the politically different

Empower Politics and You


Let’s start with this hypothesis for your imminent success. The more you identify and communicate your loving respect for the diverse needs of your diversely different constituents, the more you will gain competitive advantage over your political opponents. Unless they “get it” too, and beat you to the punch of diverse need responsiveness.


What you get here is:

1. Understanding first the differing needs at the roots of political differences.

2. Then a need-based assessment for how your own needs affect your political goals.

3. Finally, exploring how to turn your fresh awareness into competitive advantage.


Read further. Or listen to an audio file to each article. You can also hear the audio file at each page. Click on the title below to go to that article. You will get the most out of this by going in order.


1. Empower Politics and your needs

It’s about needs. Politics exist to serve needs. Needs come first, then political reasoning. Empowerment begins with respect for the various needs that politics serve. 

583 words, 4.5 minutes to read, 7:12 minutes to listen


2. You "need" your ideology

A need itself isn’t necessarily moral. “Parallel parsing” empowers you to see your needs and your political opponents’ needs on equal moral footing.

1,282 words, 9.9 minutes to read, 13:44 minutes to listen


3. Your psychosocial needs

You experience self-needs and social-needs. How you experience these psychosocial needs shapes your political outlook more than reasoning.

584 words, 4.5 minutes to read, 7:06 minutes to listen


4. Your psychosocial wellbeing

The more you experience your self-needs and social-needs differently from others, the more you will feel politically different from them.

947 words, 7.3 minutes to read, 10:47 minutes to listen


5. Your psychosocial orientation

Where self-needs resolve more than social-needs, a “wide” (Left) focus emerges. Where social-needs resolve more than self-needs, a “deep” (Right) focus emerges.

833 words, 6.4 minutes to read, 10:05 minutes to listen


6. Your political orientation

Your political orientation serves as the outward expression of your inward psychosocial orientation.

580 words, 4.5 minutes to read, 7:00 minutes to listen


7. Your psychosocial assessment

Your more resolved needs provide you with a political asset. Your less resolved needs present as a political liability, for now.

2,002 words, 7.8 minutes to read, 20:59 minutes to listen


8. Empower your love

Finally, defining what we mean by politics and polarization, leading to Empower Politics phases as an ideally matching remedy.

1,019 words, 7.8 minutes to read, 12:14 minutes to listen

Hear it all


Listen to all of these articles in the audio file below.


Or go to each page and listen to each article, while reading it too. Your option, you choose.

Empower Politics and You - Steph Turner

Of course, the process is much more complex than briefly represented here. For a more thorough treatment, please check out the eCourse at Udemy, starting with the free previews. If you're on a tight budget, ask me about any available discounts. I trust it will open doors for you in ways you’ve never seen before.

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