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Defusing Polarization eCourse preview

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Defusing Polarization: Understanding Divisive Politics

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PREVIEW Defusing Polarization:
Understanding Divisive Politics



  • 7 sections, plus a bonus

  • 3 three video lessons in each section after the 1st one

  • A recap in each of these sections

  • A 3-question quiz in these sections, to internalize what you’re learning.


It’s about needs, especially the need to be loved.


Here’s a preview of some the key lectures.

Welcome, let's get started. Lesson #1 is the brief intro to the course, where I introduce myself and the book this course is based upon. What can you expect from this course? What can you get out of it yourself?

How to optimize this course. Lesson #2 has no video, just PDF provides some tips to maximize the course for your life.

It's not about having the correct ideology. That's the theme for lesson #3. It's about love, or the lack thereof.

Undrstanding politics by defining it. Jumping ahead to lesson #7, you get a satisfying definition of politics. This definition puts your needs back into the equation.

You see both liberalism & conservatism impartially. Jumping ahead to lesson #20, you see how the course enables you to appreciate liberalism and conservatism on equal footing. See how neither is inherently better than the other, at least not for all of us.

Section 7. This last full unit goes the extra mile, or 1.6 kilometers. You get a taste of what you can start to do about this messy problem of political polarization. You see the alternative of “empower politics” in action.

Only so much I can give you here. The course gives you a new vocabulary to better understand the experience of needs beneath all that emotionally thick political talk. And this course can answer some questions I likely raised for you. Such as...


  • What is this “wide” or “deep” psychosocial orientation, and how does it shape my political orientation?
  • What is this new academic field for better understanding my needs?
  • What is this dynamic relating and impact engaging and value framing?
  • What exactly is empower politics, and what it can mean for me?


So go ahead and check out the full course. Avoid the full price at the Udemy platform. Join others in not only understanding political polarization, but who are starting to do something about it. See you there.

your overlooked needs

It's about your overlooked needs

Be normal


Keep believing politics is all about rationally argued conclusions.


Keep assuming others should follow your politically reasoned arguments.


Keep suffering disappointment as others cling harder to their own views.


Be transformative


Start relating your needs more effectively, to make it easier for others to respect you.


Improve how you relate to the needs of others, beyond political generalities.


Start seeing some amazing results in your life and in the lives you impact.



The full course is available here at Udemy at its full price of $95. You can get yours for free if you act now.


If all the free coupons are out, you can still get a deep discount, for only $25 while this deep discount lasts. If you act fast. If all the $25 coupons get used, you can still avoid the full price at only $45.

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getting the course,


taking the course, and


leaving helpful feedback for others.


Now let's engage where needed.

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