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Innocence Support

1. DIY free.

2. DIY eCourse, starting $9.99 for a full course, averaging 000 minutes to complete.

3. Specialized support (one-on-one consulting) starting at $25 per session.

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So you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, and duly convicted in a court of law. Yet you insist you or that person is innocent of all charges, and claim you or that person has been wrongly convicted. Right?

Few if anyone will believe you. They likely assume all felons claim innocence to avoid responsibility for their actions (they actually don't). They don't know you or your loved one, or the specifics of this case. They likely don't realize how common wrongful convictions actually are.

Any appeals you've attempted have gained you littleInnocence projects might help you, but they're kept busy serving others. "If you're so innocent," others insist, "why aren't you exonerated yet?" Oh, how little do they know.

You try to get on with your life. If not stuck in prison, you're stuck with a second-class citizenship status. Your earning potential is steeply compromised. You can't afford legal services to demonstrate your innocence. 


Your options remain few. Until now. 


Welcome to Value Relating's Innocence Claim Support.

Innocence Claim Support


Conventional wisdom asks you to counter the errors of the adversarial judicial process using the same adversarial judicial process. This is the same process relying on black-and-white overgeneralized thinking with its narrow categories of guilt-or-innocence, accuser-or-accused, victim-or-violator. No nuance allowed. 


To paraphrase a popular paraphrasing of Einstein, we cannot solve our specific problems with the generalizing we used to create them. Instead of swinging back and forth in adversarial extreme thinking, this process introduces a continuum between probable culpability and probable innocence.


To counter the errors of adversarial justice, we delve into specifics. We estimate the likely degree of innocence by looking into the specifics of each case. We do that by comparing the details you provide about your specific case with the specific details in those cases already exonerated. 

To counter the errors of adversarial justice, we delve into specifics. Instead of trying to ease the pain of violence with such generalizing treatment, we aim to resolve the specific needs that can explode into violence when severely neglected.

Support Process



Step 1: download the spreadsheet

Step 2: fill in with your information

Step 3: upload completed file

Step 4: send notifications

Step 5: 

Informed Decisions Act draft bill.png
1: Download IC xsl
Innocence Claim (draft A), Excel spreadsheet
Excel IC draft A in protected view.png
Enable Editing

Once the file opens in your copy of Excel (assuming you have one), it will display in PROTECTED VIEW. 

Click on Enable Editing to continue.

Step 1: Download Innocence Claim spreadsheet

Why a spreadsheet?

Until this service gains a foothold, we're starting with tools we already have. You will need a copy of Excel on your computer, or a computer you can use, to benefit from this service. 

1.1 Click on the "X" Excel icon. Depending on your Internet speed, this should take mere seconds.

1.2 Locate the downloaded file (based on your settings and which browser you use).

1.3 Open the file. If prompted, use Microsoft Excel.

1.4 Select "Enable Editing" so you can enter your own information.

When downloading any of these files you agree to our Terms of Service.

2: Enter info

Step 2: Enter your information into the spreadsheet

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OPTION B: Invite supporters
Notify employers, landlords, debt collectors
Navigating the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet includes several sections. 













Navigating the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet includes several sections. 





OPTION C: Hire personalized support
3: upload when done
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Yes, this document is free to download if agreeing to the terms of use. You can show your appreciation for its value to you by donating $1.99 to help support us, as we struggle to establish and grow this service for your needs. Thank you.

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$5.00    Affordability Plan: entry

Need some assistance? Purchase 100 block of words to request for a review of your value frame. Be more assured before you send it.

$25.00   Affordability Plan: guidance

Need some assistance? Purchase 1000 block of words to request further input to your value frames. Be more assured before you send them.

$10.00 per day Flexibility Plan

Need more flexibility? Need assistance on demand? Request input into optimizing your value frames for the next 2 weeks. Paid in full. Unsubscribe at any time. First day is free.


Do-It-Yourself. Download the value frame and follow instructions for its proper, effective use. Use of this value frame assumes you agree to our terms of use.

Unsubscribe at any time. First day is free.


Have a question how to apply this value frame to your specific situation. We provide two plans for you to receive support by encrypted email. Our Affordability plan, and our Flexibility plan.

PLANNING by videoconferencing

We can give you far more than assistance. Contact us about how we can help you optimize value framing. Learn more by clicking here.

Step 3: Upload completed spreadsheet

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OPTION A: DIY notifications sent
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Hi! My name is Steph, and I specialize in serving political wonks. I focus on applying Value Relating to anyone eager to move beyond political polarization.


Contact me here.

Hi! My name is Alisha, and I specialize in serving the elderly. I also focus on helping anyone apply Value Relating in a biblical framework.


Contact me here.

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Step 4: Notifications sent

OPTION B: Receive group support
OPTION C: Hire personalized support
No Evidence Required

No one sits above the love, yet no law sits above need. Laws exist to serve needs. But whose needs?

No one sits above the law, yet no law sits above need. Laws exist to serve needs, but whose?


And all needs sit equal before nature.

The moral question persists: whose needs get best served by which enforced laws?

The answer determines the level of legitimacy, the level of widely earned trust to serve these needs.

Value Frame #221 Examples
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