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Disgusted with the world today?

Anankelogy offers you refreshing insight & hope

You NEED This shows you how natural cycles affect each other's needs

Download this interactive sample of the book

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See a portion of the book introducing you to your natural cycles of seasonal growth
Apply this insight to your life with this interactive spreadsheet tool
Simply enter your birthday at the top right
Optional: Answer these 25 questions to get more specific with your current life's cycle

Scroll down to see your personalized text


Discover the unfolding stages of your beautiful life

See exactly when you go through these cyclic stages

You're okay! You are simply going through a natural season in your life's amazing journey.

BONUS: Go through the pages on the left to sample more of the text in You NEED This.

Work with nature
so nature works with you

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Currently requires MS Excel or reader to utilize.

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After you download the spreadsheet, it will open in PROTECTED VIEW. Go ahead and click on Enable Editing to start using it. The form will not work until you do.

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