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According to Innocence Claim Form, all prisoners claim to be innocent because they know firsthand the depth of corruption in the criminal justice system.

Not exactly

Yes, it is true prisoners get a front row seat to view all the painful imperfections in our criminal justice system.


However, Innocence Claim challenges the widespread misassumption that all prisoners claim to be innocence.


Innocence Claim is for the approximate 15% of felons who do claim actual innocence.


It provides an alternative to overwhelmed Innocence Projects, who routinely receive more requests than they can reasonably serve.


It creates an option free of the court’s reluctance to admit error, free of this conflict of interest.


It allows the public themselves to see beyond the black box of prosecutions to affirm lost innocence.

Download the Innocence Claim Form if you have not already. Invest a little of your time to go through it.


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