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Support Group Session

Innocence Agency: Step 2.2


Let's build your base of support to inspire you to speak truth to power

Build your support team step by step.

1. Brainstorm a list of likely supporters to your innocence claim.

2. Get their active email addresses.

3. Contact each one with our preformatted invitation. 

Follow up 


Review the invitation
Look over this template
and test it on yourself


Send the first one to yourself. Check your inbox. Looks okay? Correct anything that appears off, then resend to yourself.


Send the next one to someone you trust the most. Contact them prior to sending this invite. Have them offer you feedback on the tagline. 


 the invitation 

Join my campaign, NAME,
to help exonerated NAME


We can now assert the viability of NAME's innocence with ##% certainty, by comparing THEIR case details with those already exonerated.

Innocence Agency.png
EIF score contiuum.jpg

You could help us raise that number. We need help with NAME's case documents. 

Let's summarize NAME's compelling case of innocence:



Litigation? Or Resolution?

We can either seek the government's official exoneration or critique the government's incompetence to serve justice needs.

JOIN me in pursing both options.

Invite support for your innocence claim

Send one invitation at a time. Send the first one to yourself to test the process.

We only use your email to send you information about the book. Check out terms of service and privacy policy if you have any doubt. Opt out at any time.

Thanks for submitting!

Send the invitation
Send this emailed invitation
to each potential supporter



Keep nurturing your support network

You could start a Facebook group or Messenger group to keep your support team on the same page.

Next, you practice the power of love by affirming your supporters' value to you.


NOTE: You can shape this service by sharing what you specifically need. It will continue to evolve to fit the  needs of each one trying it. 

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