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EIF Aim #2

Second of a dozen aims for the Estimated Innocence Form.

To provide claimants with independent verification of their acclaimed innocence.

Without the Estimated Innocence Form, you’re left trusting the same institution that created the problem in the first place. You're left exposed to a system where the prosecutor, who enjoys absolute immunity, is effectively above the law. With the judicial system's devotion to conviction finality and fear of setting bad legal precedents to ensure its own positions of social power, it fails to serve the deeper interests of justice all people need.

Instead of relying on the adversarial judiciary with its many conflicts of interest, the EIF relies on the public’s impartial interest in empirically validating or invalidating your innocence claim. With your permission to access your case details and available documentation, select members of the public can determine likely innocence without fear of repercussions to their social status as a crime fighter.

How can the EIF serve you?

The EIF is also for innocence litigators.



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