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EIF Aim #8

Eighth of a dozen aims for the Estimated Innocence Form.

To raise the standard of justice from a failed win-lose binary to identifying degrees of certainty in adjudicated outcomes.

Without the Estimated Innocence Form, the courts impose a win-lose outcome on each case. Is it really justice when one side gains the resources to win a court battle with better persuasion over a jury? Or do we settle for this barbaric slugfest because we cannot envision the higher justice of something like the EIF?

The EIF rises above such adversarial justice to identify and respond to all the affected needs in an adjudicated case. It does not rest until all the personal justice needs are met. And it doesn’t accept the institutional needs of the judiciary to be more important than the justice needs the judiciary exists to serve. For example, the institutional need for ‘conviction finality’ cannot be accepted as higher than actually impacted justice needs. That’s unacceptably backwards.

How can the EIF serve you?

The EIF is also for innocence litigators.



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Steph is a self-described transspirit, which is a kind of sacred misfit. By transcending conventional limits—gender norms, religious identities, political polarities, and more—Steph experiences a unique connection in life. And suspects others do as well. This blog shares that spirituality, and affirms others of a similar state of being.

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