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EIF Aim #5

Fifth of a dozen aims for the Estimated Innocence Form.

To improve the efficiency of innocence projects, and others in the innocence movement, to process numerous innocence claims.

Without the Estimated Innocence Form, each innocence project provides claimants with their own particular form. Some commonality exists between them. But these paper forms risk overlooking the nuances in your particular situation. They don’t know what they don’t know, and may never think to ask you critical bits of information that could make a world of difference.

The EIF proposes a uniformity of data collection. And to keep that information transparent to the public. It also incentivizes innocence projects to produce results more promptly, or risk being embarrassed by members of the public who outperform their investigations. The EIF empowers claimants and their supporters to competes with the inefficient legal-judicial approach of innocence projects, which still do not process enough claims to make a significant dent in the crisis of wrongful convictions.

How can the EIF serve you?

The EIF is also for innocence litigators.



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