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EIF Aim #3

Third of a dozen aims for the Estimated Innocence Form.

To provide claimants with independent verification of their acclaimed innocence.

Without the Estimated Innocence Form, you typically must wait years and years. And repeated disappointments. You often slide into despair, and risk depression. You understandably can become disillusioned with the whole judicial process.

The EIF bypasses the snail-paced judiciary. By quickly ascertaining likely innocence, it either complements or competes with the judicial process. Where welcomed to support the interests of justice and public safety from a critical perspective, it can complement the judiciary. Where the judiciary resists critique and persists in error, it competes for legitimacy in serving justice needs. Starting with your affected justice needs.

How can the EIF serve you?

The EIF is also for innocence litigators.



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Steph is a self-described transspirit, which is a kind of sacred misfit. By transcending conventional limits—gender norms, religious identities, political polarities, and more—Steph experiences a unique connection in life. And suspects others do as well. This blog shares that spirituality, and affirms others of a similar state of being.

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