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Date       Document Name

19930707    see Discovery Documents below

19930709    Arraignment Felony Complaint

19930720    Preliminary Examination

19930806    Motion Proceedings                     <------------------------

19930817    Motion for Discovery

19930820    Motion Proceedings

19930825    Discovery Order


19931118    Motion for In Camera Proceeding...

19931119    Motion Proceedings

19931119    Motion to Sever Defendants

19931122    Motion for Seq & Indiv Voir Dire...

19931122    Order Regarding Spousal Testimony

19931124    Motion for Direction for Method...

19931124    Motion to Quash, to Sever, to Show Cause

19931129    Witnesses to be Excluded from...Jury

19931201    Motion Proceedings


19931201    Preliminary Instructions to Jury and Opening Statements

19931202    Jury Trial, Volume I of VIII

19931203    Jury Trial, Volume II of VIII

19931206    Jury Trial, Volume III of VIII

19931207    Jury Trial, Volume IV of VIII

19931208    Jury Trial, Volume V of VIII

19931209    Jury Trial, Volume VI of VIII

19931210    Jury Trial, Volume VII-a of VIII

                      Jury Trial, Volume VII-b of VIII

19931213    Final Day of Jury Trial

19931213    Verdict Form


19940111    Presentence Investigation Report

19940124    Motion for Dir Verdict...New Trial...

19940201    Sentencing Memorandum (with support letters)

19940201    Supplemental Plea Proceedings

19940202    Motion for New Trial

19940202    Sentence

19940202    Sentencing Information Report

19940202    Judgment of Sentence Commitment to Corr Dept


19940926    codef: Appellant's Brief on Appeal

19941121    codef: Appellant's Supplemental Brief on Appeal

19941227    codef: Motion to File Supplemental Brief DENIED

19950501    codef: Plaintiff-Appellee's Brief (prosecutor)

19951227    Brief on Appeal

19960614    State Brief on Appeal

19970630    codef: Order removing case from panel

19980108    Appellate Court Opinion (also available online)

19980127    Motion for Rehearing

19980217    State opp Motion for Rehearing

19980513    Delayed Appl for Leave to Appeal

19980706    State opp Appl for Leave to Appeal

19990202    resentencing                        <------------------------



Other Documents

Miscellaneous documents to be added here as I find them.


19931213   Jury notes

20141205   Intake Questionnaire, Center on Wrongful Convictions


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