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BACKSTORy: Transgender siblings come out to each other, then share an apartment together in Grand Rapids, MI.


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July 7, 1993




















































Codefendants' Accounts


Lakeysha peeks into our apartment window, at #204, to gawk at Janet as the "man with lipstick" in the living room, while Steph is asleep in back bedroom. Since air conditioning is not working, Janet left blinds open and the front door ajar on this hot July day.


Annoyed with her intrusiveness, but keeping true to her Native American spirituality not to "vex children," Janet lets Lakeysha into the apartment to placate her curiosity.


Lakeysha tells Janet she's bored. Janet shows Lakeysha her Atari computer, with a video strip poker game loaded. According to Janet, the game is too challenging to actually display any virtual naked images.


Steph awakes to hear Janet talking with someone, and feeling irritated that Janet has a guest without consulting one another.


Janet shows Lakeysha her clothes closet. Steph leaves back bedroom to get a drink of water from frig in kitchen and to see who Janet is talking to. Lakeysha disrobes her top to try on one of Janet's tops. Steph returns to bedroom and closes bedroom door, uncomfortable and increasingly irate.


Steph spends about twenty minutes in bedroom pondering what to do. Considers calling wife but decides to talk to her in person.


Steph leaves back bedroom again and finds Lakeysha sitting on Janet's lap at the Atari computer in the living room. Still feeling ignored and irritated by Lakeysha's unwelcomed presence, Steph leaves the apartment (see animation above).


Steph walks over to the Langley Court apartment to retrieve car from estranged wife, as agreed since needed it to get to work. Also to have someone to talk with about the unwelcomed guest Janet has in Steph's apartment.


After the ten minute walk to Langley Court, Steph finds wife and kids not home. So Steph walks over to Post Office to check the mail, another ten minute walk. Then returns to Oak Park Apts, also a ten minute walk, totally a half hour span.


Upon returning to the Oak Park apartment, Steph finds Lakeysha was gone. Then asked Janet who that was, who tersely replied, "Keysha or something like that." Seeming uneady to talk about  just then, Steph let it go with the expectation of bringing it up later.


In the meantime, Steph brewed a pot of tea, this time not as strong as the first attempt the night before. Janet commented how it did turn out better than yesterday's attempt.






















































State's Accounts


Lakeysha plays with sticks and rubber bands in front of her parents' apartment at #210. A "man with lipstick" approaches her from behind, who she identifies as Janet (i.e., DANIEL TURNER).


Janet grabs Lakeysha by her throat and drags her into our apartment.


Janet takes Lakeysha to back bedroom, disrobes her except her panties, disrobes self, then lies atop her, fondles her breast, and urinates on her.



Janet tries to insert her penis into Lakeysha's rectum but cannot. Or this occurs later in back bedroom, and the trauma is distorting her recall of the order and specifics of the event.


Steph (i.e., STEPHEN TURNER) enters the room and says, "I want some." Janet answers, "No."


Steph drags Lakeysha from back bedroom to living room, or has her follow, or Janet drags her as Steph fondles her breasts. Or Steph drags Lakeysha from living room to bedroom, then with Janet both force Lakeysha onto the bed (cot?) with a green (aqua?) blanket in the back bedroom.


Janet throws Lakeysha down onto her front room mattress, or bedroom cot, and starts sexually assaulting her.


Janet performs cunninlingus on Lakeysha. Steph holds Lakeysha down, fondling her breasts. Or fondles her breast at a time when Janet is not assaulting Lakeysha, maybe both.


Janet lies atop of Lakeysha and urinates on her, or ejaculates on her, maybe both, or maybe only ejaculates at this time. Unclear if Steph is still present.


Janet forces Lakeysha to perform fallatio on her. Unclear whether Steph is still present. Janet ejaculates into Lakeysha's mouth. Lakeysha holds the ejaculate in her mouth and spits it out later or spits it out onto the blanket, unclear if this occurs in back bedroom on cot or on living room matress, maybe both.


Janet knocks Lakeysha unconscious by pushing her against the apartment wall. Unclear when Lakeysha regains consciousness, or how she manages to show no signs of Mild TBI. Unclear if Steph is present.


Janet has Lakeysha pose with Steph for a Polaroid photo. Steph's shirt has red jelly on it to appear as blood, and Lakeysha is forced to pose with a butter knife with jelly on it, to appear as if stabbing Steph. Janet (and Steph?) tell Lakeysha that if she tells the police we will use the photo to show she was the aggressor.


Lakeysha is let out of the apartment. She spits out the ejaculate onto the ground.


Somehow, Janet and Steph destroy any evidence of the assaults. Janet and Steph also manage to leave no evidence of assault on Lakeysha's body for the rape kit to capture a few hours later.

This is the best estimate I could assemble from the disorganized allegations.



























Converging Accounts



Lakeysha gets in trouble by her mother, Cynthia Marble, for being out when Cynthia came home from work. Cynthia threatens Lakeshya with a "whooping."


In tears, Lakeysha claims she was not at home  because a man grabbed her and took her into his apartment, pointing at our apartment.


Cynthia angrily knocks on our apartment door. Janet opens the door and steps out onto the balcony.


Cynthia demands angrily, "What were you doing with my daughter? What were you doing fucking with my daughter?" State account: "Why did you fuck my daughter?"


Janet attempts to pacify her by getting down on her knees, saying, "I don't know why, I don't know why. Please let me explain." State account: "I don't know, I don't know why I did it."


Larry Marble runs up and assaults Janet with a crowbar, but misses with the first swing. Janet leaps back into apartment, as Steph shuts and locks the door.


Larry starts beating on the door as Cynthia screams for someone to call the police.


Steph tells Janet, "If she doesn't call the police, I will." Janet acquiesces, and at 5:43 p.m. Steph calls 911 using the phone in the bedroom. State account: Steph's 911 call is third of eight.


Moments later officers Mesman and Barr arrive, ordering Larry to drop the crowbar. Baar requests entrance to our apartment and we let him. He asks Janet what happened and she declined to give any statements. When asked, Steph simply stated, "I've been asleep all day and just woke up."


Officer Baar asked us permission to search the apartment and we declined. He then asked us to wait in the patrol vehicle "in case we had weapons" and we relented.


While waiting in the back of the vehicle, Janet asks Steph to find her Pathways Counseling Center letter from Milwaukee that would state she has been diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (DSM-IV language). As Janet explained, the letter would be found in an orange folder near Atari computer station.



These accounts, if not based on my own direct experience, are based largely on my recall of testimony given at the preliminary hearing, testimony at trial and from what I learned from discovery. Many inconsistencies made it difficult to present a coherent account, but I think I did my best.

About 20 minutes later, officer Baar returned and informed us we were both under arrest for CSC. As he started to drive us to the county jail Steph asked what that meant. He replied he was sure we must already know.


Both taken to Kent County Jail for booking about 7:30 pm. Unfortunately, Steph was not allowed to call into work to report inability to show up for work.

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Steph's Account

A: Awakened at 1600 hearing voices, sister talking to someone.

B: Leaves bedroom 1610 to get water from frig, sees unknown young girl, Janet shows her clothes from her closet, Steph returns to BR.

C: Ponders what do to, considers calling wife, decides to walk instead.

D: Leaves apt, sees Lakeysha now on Janet's lap at Atari computer.

E: Walks to estranged wife's place, not home, walks to Post Office, then back to apt (30 minutes total, from 1630 to 1700).

F: Finds Lakeysha gone, asks Janet about it, finds her reticent.

G: Hears pounding on front door, sees Janet confronted and then assaulted; Steph slams door & locks it after Janet jumps back inside.

H: Calls 911 at 1743 to report assault over some allegation.


Janet's Account*

A: Lakeysha peaks into front window to gawk at Janet.



*Account primarily from Janet's statement during Sentencing, with some recollections from what she shared with codefendent.



Complainant's Reported Account*

Violent abduction by "man with lipstick" from outside

Dragged into apartment, to back bedroom

Subjected to golden shower and attempted anal sex in BR

Subjected to cunnilingus then fellatio in BR

Dragged to LR by Steph, account varies

Steph fondles her breasts in LR

Forced by Janet to play video games: "Naked Poker, Pacman, Racetrack"

Posed in coercive photo with Steph

Slapped and knocked unconscious/faints/"fell out"

Allowed to leave but threatended not to tell anyone


*Account contains many inconsistencies and implausibilities, so this is offered as perhaps the most potentially consistent and easiest to visualize.



State's Misconstrued Evidence


1. Bag of children's toys: hand-me-down toys from my mother for my kids, who really didn't appreciate hand-me-downs so they never were delivered to them.

2. Photo album of "child pornography": Olan Mills portrait of my three young daughters, plus two separate pictures of female adult pen pals I had at the time.

3. Sky blue blanket with aqua trim: marked as "green blanket" and "aqua blanket," reported with semen reported found on it. Forensic science cannot properly identify the color of a blanket?

4. "To All You Straight Queers" poem: taken from fridge door, apparently for its incendiary value..












second floor balcony accessible only from Steph's BR, no access to ground floor.


On two occasions, exculpatory evidence was destroyed by investigators, ostensibly by accident.

1. The film in the camera I used to take pictures at a regional transgender event a month before was destroyed, which was then characterized as potentially being the alleged Polaroid photo described by the complainant.

2. The complainant was given soda pop and crackers to consume prior to a Woods test, conveniently washing out any possible remnant of the semen she claims to have had received in her mouth the hour before.


Prosecutor convinces jurors that complainant could not have known of such graphic sexual details except for being exposed to them personally, ostensibly by us. Rape Shield Law prevents jurors from knowing of complainant's older female cousin molesting her two years earlier but never prosecuted. Complainant's appears to have had extensive exposure to sexual diversity, far more than I had as an asexual person.

NOTE: More information can be made available by respectful request.

Transgender siblings share an apartment

My transgender sister, brother by birth, moves into my apartment, while I remain estranged from my wife as I come to terms with my transgender identity. It is a one bedroom apartment, so my sister sleeps on a mattress in the living room while I sleep on a cot in the back bedroom.

Front window blinds are open and front door ajar to let in air since A/C is broken.


Steph works third shift at Cascade Engineering in Metro Grand Rapids as a shipping clerk, sleeping from about 8AM to 4PM each day.


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Steph Turner
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