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Service Planning

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To start, TransJudicial is the only available service plan


Other services are to come online

as we build up our own capacities.





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This all starts with your cause. Your cause is to resolve your painful need in a way that benefits others, creating marketable value.

Instead of changing yourself, like in psychotherapy, we work together to change your relationship dynamics. We empower you to speak your truth to power. We inspire you to inspire them to respect your needs, as you respect theirs.


We follow a basic template. Instead of a treatment plan, like in psychotherapy, you get this service plan. You serve a need that you share with others. As you resolve that need, painful symptoms naturally clear up. Others may seek what you found, and perhaps pay you handsomely to help them resolve their needs.


The service plan covers three main areas, in order:

1. You sharpen your internal capacities – you build up your resilience.

2. You grow your external capacities – you build up your social capital.

3. You fulfill your cause – you build up your value to resolve needs.

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First, let's check if this service is a good fit between us.

Intake your cause
Integrate your cause

Build support

to achieve your cause


This service plan provides weekly online encrypted video-chat sessions, followed by a week's worth of encrypted email support. The plan anticipates completion in 20 weeks, or five months.

You build support gradually. Each block completes in four sessions. 

Intake your cause 

Four weekly 25-minute online one-on-one sessions. Daily email content.


The process starts with gathering your information. Together, we build a solid foundation for your "cause"—your need you seek to more fully resolve that once resolved will improve value for others as well.

Democratized knowing with this testable hypothesis:


The more you are free to resolve your socially impacted needs (over merely relieving its pain typically that lets that pain build over time),


the more benefits you will start to receive from conciliatory options over avoidant and adversarial options,


as determined by a sudden measurable drop in the amount of anxiety and depression you’ve been suffering.

01. Starting: Intake process

02. Identifying needs: Claim review

03. Expressing impacts: Wellness review

04. Addressing your cause: Goal setting

Integrate your cause 


Four weekly 25- or 50-minute online one-on-one sessions. Daily email content.

Testable hypothesis: The more resilient to endure painful power differentials, the easier to appreciate conciliatory options to fulfill your cause, as determined by how long you can grasp a piece of ice long before any threat of frostbite sets in.

05. Identifying your options

06. Expressing your compelling innocence

07. Addressing your resiliency

08. Qualifying your cause with support

Include your champion supporter

Four 50-minute online group sessions of just us three. Daily email content

Testable hypothesis: The more your cause receives support by a champion supporter, the easier to overcome temptations to quit and go back to avoidant or adversarial options, as determined by how enthusiastic of support you receive from your key supporter.

09. Including your champion

10. Identifying and transcending barriers

11. Expressing and receiving support

12. Addressing and overcoming your limits with support

Inspire your supporters


Four 50-minute online group sessions including supporters who can attend. Daily email content

Testable hypothesis: The more supported your cause, the more effectively you can shift from avoidance options to conciliatory options, as determined by the number of supporters who join your team and become actively supportive.


Alternately testable as: The less supported your cause, the easier to fall back on avoidant or adversarial options, as determined by avoidant or adversarial options appearing increasingly more preferable.

13. Inspiring your supporters

14. Identifying prospect sponsors

15. Expressing mutual support

16. Addressing your supported cause

Involve your sponsors

Four 50-minute online group sessions including sponsors who can attend. Daily email content.

Testable hypothesis: The more you pursue conciliatory options that waive your rightful adversarial options, the more interest from those otherwise enduring those adversarial consequences, as determined by the number of those invited to take interest and then follow, contribute, and sponsor your cause.

17. Involving your sponsors

18. Identifying alternatives

19. Declaring your supported cause

20. Achieving your supported cause

Include your champion
Inspire your supporters
Involve your sponsors
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You’re seeing a work in progress.


Yes, I know, some content on this page is missing.

Much of this material will inevitably be changed as we go to market. 

You're the market. You can help us create value with your constructive feedback.


Thank you for helping us create this meaningful service.

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