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Coming out as transgender then falsely accused


Asexual person comes out as transgender in early 90s, gets falsely accused as being a “sexual predator” homophobic stereotype. Convicted without evidence. Must register as sex offender for life. Subjected to privileged discrimination from employment & housing. Finished college degrees. Rebuilding life with family supports.


strong claim


compared to those exonerated under similar circumstances


Testable hypothesis

The more you see how easily adversarial justice commits errors, the more likely you are to support those making a viable claim of actual innocence.


Too long, didn't read? Here are the highlights.

  1. No other criminal history

  2. Consistently maintained innocence, took no plea deals

  3. Transphobic investigation and prosecution

  4. Convicted without corroborating evidence

  5. Climate of sex abuse hysteria

  6. Media sensationalized coverage

  7. Exculpatory evidence overlooked with untested DNA

  8. Asexual person must register for life as "sex offender"

Wrongful conviction factors

Join below to go deeper into each of these.

  1. Government misconduct

  2. Unvalidated or improper forensic science

  3. Exculpatory evidence yet to be DNA tested

  4. Non-DNA evidence yet to be considered

  5. Other exculpatory evidence overlooked

  6. Conviction not corroborated by physical evidence

  7. Conviction based on irrational theory of guilt

  8. Law enforcement tunnel vision evident

  9. Law enforcement noble cause corruption evident

  10. Conviction based on outmoded law/beliefs

  11. Judge presenting a conflict of interest

  12. Coached testimony

  13. Moral panic (LGBT, sex abuse hysteria)

  14. Law enforcement expressed transphobic views

Help status

In 2014, requested help from innocence project, but they prioritized their resources to help those still in prison. Process was re-traumatizing.



  • ongoing discrimination

  • underemployment

  • housed by family

  • financial challenges

  • social shaming

  • derailed education

  • derailed career

Score may increase when claim verified


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Steph's goal:

The first goal asks only for $100. This covers $25 per weekly session for four weeks. Once reached, rinse and repeat double that amount for the next four weeks.

Steps (four sessions each, one per week)

  1. Intake cause, $100 ($25 per session) - set to start Mon 1/28/2019

  2. Integrate cause,$200 ($50/session)

  3. Include champion, $400 ($100/session)

  4. Inspire supporters, $800 ($200/session)

  5. Involve sponsors, $1600 ($400/session)

Support levels (four weekly commitment)

  1. Follow for FREE (or donate a dollar each week)

  2. Contribute ($5 weekly pledge)

  3. Invest ($15 weekly pledge)

  4. Sponsor (match $-for-$ or previous cycle)

My cause: To overcome this wrongful conviction in a way that helps others overcome their endured injustice.

The goal (how much funding sought) increases with each step. To start, the ask is only for $100, for opportunity to earn your trust with more. The goal doubles each month. Any amount received over the asked amount goes to Steph's stretch goal: help others similarly situated.

Want to help solve the problem of wrongful convictions?

You can help Steph overcome this wrongful conviction so Steph can help others solve the problem of wrongful convictions.

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