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Support Steph's Innocence Claim

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Alisha Turner,

claimant's champion

Steph Turner,

innocence claimant


On July 7th, 1993, Steph Turner awoke to hear voices from the other room. Steph could hear her sister Janet talking to someone. That person left, but later returned with her irate mother to accuse Janet of an incredulous crime. You see, Janet was born male and now openly transgender, long before that was socially acceptable. And Janet had yet to fully transition.


At the height of the sex abuse hysteria in the early-90s, Steph came out as gender-nonconforming transgender. But living in a religiously conservative community, Steph kept it private. Steph soon came out to Janet, years after Janet had. They shared an apartment to rekindle their newfound bond. Both now freely embracing their feminine sides. Both felt asexual by not being loved for their full selves. Both drawn to the spirituality of transcending the gender divide.


A neighborhood child drew curious, peeping into Janet’s window to gawk at what she called the "man with lipstick." When caught not being home on time, the child leveled bizarre claims of sex abuse unbecoming from a child.

The child then dragged Steph into her transphobic accusations. The child claimed Steph posed with her as if she, the young child, was stabbing Steph in the chest with a jelly stained butter knife. She claimed this was to scare her from talking to police, that we would say she was the aggressor. Unbelievable? Not if you already believe trans people are subhuman.


Child testimonies back then were often coached. Trans people were easily vilified. Since no corroborating evidence was necessary back then to convict for sexual misconduct, both transwomen were wrongly convicted and sentenced to long terms in men’s prisons, where Steph’s codefendant transgender sibling died in 2001.


Repeated efforts to overcome this wrongful conviction failed. After serving a full 12-year sentence for not copping a plea, Steph was discharged and went on to finish undergraduate and graduate degrees. But is required to register as a sex offender for life, destroying economic and other opportunities. Your support can help turn this around.

$50,000 per year (MI) x 12 years = $600,000 eligible compensation
Weekly earning potential could go up from $180 to $556 per week. 
FLIPSIDE: Acknowledging the worst of it


Prior to accepting herself as transgender, Janet often ran afoul of the law. She appears to have suffered Asperger’s (high functioning autism), so was slow at responding to social cues. She overcame dyslexia and other challenges to lead a healthy life, until this happened.

NOBLE: Despite the wrongful conviction

Thanks to loving support from family and God throughout this ordeal, especially during a dozen years in a men's violent prison, Steph turned what should've been a traumatizing experience into posttraumatic growth. After prison, Steph finished a bachelor's degree, a graduate degree and almost finished a second graduate degree. The painful hole of missing the children grow up is slowly healing by being home to see the grandkids grow up.

UPDATE: My latest progress


Think about joining my growing support team. Help turn tragedy into opportunities. Your support also helps cover the costs of this service, which I beyond what I can afford after the wrongful conviction damaged my income potential.

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Wellness progress scores 

Since starting this service, Steph has expressed significant improvement in all wellness levels.






overall impact

Since starting this service, Steph has expressed significant improvement in all wellness levels.

Specific goal progress 

Contacting employers


Meijer - defer to legal dept 

Walmart - uses Hire Right to prescreen

UPS - inflexible exclusion 

Kellogg's - defer to NationSearch data 

Menard's - open do discussing policy change 

Culver's - no longer hiring 

U-haul - defer to IntelliCorp 

Contacting consumer reporting agencies

NationSearch - no reply yet

Hire Right - liked IDA

IntelliCorp - no opinion on IDA

Contacting state reps

Jon Hoadley, referred IDA to committee 

Contacting friendly media

Prison Legal News, press release sent

Contacting mainstream

none scheduled yet

Contacting court

none scheduled yet

ASPIRATIONS: All I'm asking for is


  • To no longer avoid the immense challenges from this wrongful conviction.

  • To explore conciliatory options for overcoming the wrongful conviction and its damages.

  • To restore income and other things lost from the wrongful conviction.

  • To regain a sense of purpose in my life, helping others overcome their wrongful convictions.

SERVICE PLAN: Support me to turn this around

Turn this tragedy into opportunity

  1. Build up my self-resiliency.

  2. Build a support team.

  3. Be supported in job searching against all odds.

  4. Explore mutually beneficial options before turning to adversarial options (like legal or negative reviews online).

  5. Help others in need, while more open to others helping me where I cannot provide for myself.

Unlock the remaining content for as little as one dollar per week. Follow Steph's story toward goal completion.

The demand for professional help to review these viable claims of innocence far outstrips the meager supply. Innocence Projects remain overwhelmed. 

Until resources catch up to the needs of this crisis, Value Relating provides a calculated estimate of likely factual innocence. 

Support Team

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  • to invite input how to best utilize any increase in income.

Value Relating addresses the stress in our lives. But instead of helping individuals adjust to life's stressors, Value Relating links them to the source of such stress. Then it helps each to bring out the value in the other, building one bridge at a time.
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