Plans & Pricing


To keep this service accessibly affordable, its plans and pricing can be a little complex. This page tries to keep it clear, and comprehensive. 

Honestly, this approach is so new it's likely to change in response to real conditions. 

Five progressing steps for you to process through the TransEconomic service .

Five progressing steps for you to process through the TransJudicial service .

Five progressing steps for you to process through the TransPolitical service .

Share ROI. Incentivize supporters with returns.

Start for free. Then work your way up as you add value by improving.

Share the value. Spread the costs among your supporters.

Start low

Share returns

Share costs

Supporters have the option to follow, contribute or invest in the key client's progress. The more they give the more they can receive. Explore how below.

Progressive pricing allows you to access this service while you still may not afford it, due to the conditions bringing you here in the first place. See the chart below for how you can affordably start now, then earn your keep as you demonstrate growth.

This is to be less of an expense and more of an investment. So room exists to keep entry costs low. So low, in fact, you have the limited option to start under a "lien" in which we or your supporters bear most or even all startup costs. Read below for more details.

Pricing with your income-impacted circumstances in mind.

TransEconomic Service

Receive team support to pursue your life's passionate purpose

TransJudicial Service

Receive team support for your compelling claim to innocence

TransPolitical Service

Receive team support to depolarize politics for the greater good


Support team member? You can pay here.

1. GOOD FIT? Free consultation session.

2. INTAKE individualized sessions

3. ONBOARD group sessions


Onboarding Supporters

Team Supporter options





For your weekly support of $1 (and later $2) you:

  • receive Key Client's weekly progress report,

  • vote if asked 

  • may withdraw at anytime without consequence.







In addition to receiving KC's weekly progress report, for your weekly participation of $5|$10|$20, you get to help and see my

  • anxiety level measurably decrease,

  • depression level measurably decrease,

  • capacity to delay gratification measurably increase in real time,

  • growing capacity to honor your needs, and receive yours in return,

  • steady progress toward my lifechanging goal,

  • development blossom with this process much in the same way it could do for you.

Responsibility: join weekly group video-chat sessions as often as you possibly can, provide encouraging feedback to me when asked (both during video-chat and in follow-up emails), respect my needs as I must respect yours.





In addition to the above, for your weekly investment of $15|$30|$60, you earn

  • a voice in my vital decisions,

  • say in how I spend my increase in revenue when reaching my economic goal,



Choose a soft skill for me to demonstrate and for you to then rate.


receive tips to help your own [marketable] self-improvement

receive peer support along with [key client]

Key Client



INVESTOR supporters

CONTRIBUTOR supporters

FOLLOWER supporters


You’re seeing a work in progress.


Yes, I know, some content on this page is missing.

Much of this material will inevitably be changed as we go to market. 

You're the market. You can help us create value with your constructive feedback.


Thank you for helping us create this meaningful service.

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