Losing more money from customers unable to pay?

Your customers cannot pay your bill, so what do you do?


You have to collect, of course, but don’t want to be a source of their mounting stress.


Value Relating presents a proactive alternative.


In the process, your social branding may receive a boost.

Value Relating is a new kind of service

to ease the tensions in our power differentials.



By power differential, we mean an interaction where one has more power than the other. In these power differentials we find what we call an IMPACTEE and an IMPACTOR.


IMPACTEE = Someone impacted by another in a power differential


IMPACTOR = Someone impacting another in a power differential



When you have more influence over another than that person has over you, then you tend to fall under this defnition of being an IMPACTOR.

 IMPACTOR examples
Value Relating builds bridges between the powerless and powerful. Between the marginally resourced and the better resourced. Between the stressed out and the stressful.


Every day, relatively powerful entities like big companies and state government agencies impose their impersonal will upon relatively powerless constituents. The resulting stress often damages the wellbeing of such constituents. Such stress is a leading cause of illness and death.
Value Relating helps entities, like companies and government agencies, to provide more personally informed service to these constituents. We provide an alternative to an adversarial conflict. We help each to see value in the other, and avoid wasting precious resources in being abrasive with each other.
If we could better understand each other and our diverse needs, we could be of more value to one another. Because we all have value to give, toward one another's needs. Value Relating exists to create that value nurturing link.

Value Relating helps in two ways.



First, Value Relating helps Impactee and Impactor better understand one another’s needs. To ease any stress inducing tension.


Second, Value Relating helps Impactee and Impactor respond better to each another’s needs. To turn challenges into opportunities.

Value Relating:  a hybrid between consulting and counseling, with the focus not on individuals but upon the relation between them, specifically the impact each has on one another’s felt needs.
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Value Relating offers


Negotiation in place of Conflict


even when power is kept accountable.

Value Relating focus upon power differentials. The person or entity enjoying signficant influence over another's life we call the "impactor." The one who endures this impact, often with invisible impact upon their wellness outcomes, we call the "impactee." Value Relating pursues a nonadversarial approach toward helping each other be more responsive to one another's needs.


Value Relating presumes the impactor is typically unaware of their negative impacts upon their vulnerable constituents, the impactees. Value Relating also presumes that impactors are more inclined to improve their support of impatees if engaged nonadversarially. Indeed, Value Relating may be offered as an attractive alternative to adversarial options, such as a lawsuit or a threat of spreading negative crowdreviews.

A Power Differential Can Be Balanced


In other words, power corrupts value.



Value Relating offers


Shared Value in place of Costs


even when the "system" seems rigged against you.

Value Outcome
Value Impact

Instead of

resigning to stressful economic conditions,


Value Relating offers

to help you change economic relations toward your favor.

When you say "that's just plain wrong" what I hear is how this is wrong for you. Do you see it as just as wrong for them?


Economic Value
Political Value
Justice Value

Instead of

resigning to stressful economic conditions,


Value Relating offers

to help you change economic relations toward your favor.

Instead of

resigning to the paralysis of political polarization,


Value Relating offers

to address the relational needs behind political biases.

Instead of

suffering the limits baked into the adversarial justice process,


Value Relating offers

to restore relations by prioritizing one another's relevant needs.


Instead of

alienating your audiences with inaccurate assumptions,


Value Relating offers

to help you proactively impact  your many audiences.

Instead of

getting frustrated by the apparent ignorance of your political foes,


Value Relating offers

opposition research that gives you insight into their needs.

Instead of

subjectively objectifying parties as solely adversarial,


Value Relating offers

to improve objectivity in how we treat all human subjects.

Instead of treating just the individual, as if all our problems are only in our heads, Value Relating offers to treat the relations between us, since wellness is psychosocial. Instead of suffering from our limiting overdependence upon rugged individualism, Value Relating offers to bridge the divide between influential stressors and the vulnerably stressed. Toward the goal of bringing out more of the bottled up value and energy within us all.


Value Relating offers opportunity in place of


Impactee's Stress


that increases risks for poor wellness outcomes.

Process when initiated by Impactee:


Impactor's Shame


that increases risks for alienating your audiences.


solving problems by resolving needs

Deeper Justice


Conviction quality

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