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Let the truth set Steph free

Support Steph by sharing some of the costs

Steph Turner scores 86% on the Estimated Innocence Form. Independent verification can raise the adjusted score to match the raw 86% score. Professional advocacy support increases our chance of success. You are invited to invest in Steph's innocence.

$40 goes to the Saybackr platform

$360 goes to Value Relating services

Anything else helps reach our "stretch goals"

Advocacy sessions

$75 for each 50-minute online session (4)

$300 total for four sessions the first month

Campaign expenses

Independent verification of documents

$60 expected to cover all initial expenses

Stretch goal

Any amount raised above $400 will go towards legal expenses, and can go toward the next phase of the campaign

Miss goal

If $400 is not raised in time, we either can delay launching the campaign or agree to give up some autonomy to Value Relating if they accept servicing this claim for less than cost

The adversarial judicial system continues to fail Steph. And the victim. Its sledgehammer approach easily traumatizes all sides.

The Estimated Innocence Form offers the attractive alternative of deeper justice. Its scalpel approach puts the vulnerable needs of individuals over the institutional needs of judiciary power or police power. It doesn't settle for placating justice and safety needs, but rather to resolve such needs for all.

Instead of imposing a top-down binary of guilt or innocence, this form recognizes a degree of certainty between guilt and innocence. This estimation is bottom-up, by those not compromised by the many conflicts of interest in the adversarial judicial process. So we can now boldly declare to judicial elites, "You don't need to tell us or the public what we need; we'll tell you."

This is an opportunity to invest in deeper justice. Both for Steph and for the complaining victim. You are invited first to support this proactive deeper justice. Then we will open the opportunity to professionals in the media, innocence movement lawyers, political and cultural leaders, and ultimately the judicial authorities who got us into this mess. We offer a gracious path toward deeper justice tragically missing in the adversarial system.

If those officials remain stubborn, we shall develop this deeper justice without them. We shall surpass their shallow justice of perpetuated hostilities. If they continue to excite hate, we shall rise up with love. If they delay any further, we shall get started with revolutionary love without them. So please show your support so this advocacy campaign—cultivating a deeper justice anchored in love—can launch on time. Thank you.

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Value Relating advocacy campaign


Contribute what you can to liberate Steph

Criminal convictions are a matter of degree

Value Relating focuses on the need for both caught in a power differential to better understand one another's needs, and then to be sure to respond to them as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Estimated Innocence Form
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The adversarial judicial system continues to fail Steph. The Estimated Innocence Form offers an attractive alternative of deeper justice, by 

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