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YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED to help empower someone you know.


With grassroots support like yours, we turn stressful situations around. Your voice joins ours in speaking truth to power.


Together, we compel those in power to convert their negative impact into a positive one. We inspire


top managers,

company owners,





media elites,

bill collectors,

biased litigators,

and others in power


to apply their power toward supportively resolving one another’s impacted needs. We give them every good reason to liberate us to resolve our impacted needs. With your support.


You are hereby invited to join our growing team.



You are likely here because you received a message we sent on someone’s behalf. They need your support. Along with our backing, the sender is finding the courage to speak truth to power.


The sender needs your support to counterbalance pressures from a power-imbalanced relationship.


We consider the sender the Impactee. They are impacted by the other more than impacting them.

We consider the other the Impactor. They impact us more than we arguably impact them.


The sender feels easily coerced into adopting the disadvantaging terms of the powerful. As a lone voice, they feel they must acquiesce.


With you and others joining this SPEAK-TRUTH-TO-POWER support team, they can stand up and insist greater respect for their impacted needs.


The Impactee gets to turn a stressful situation into one of potential support.

The Impactor gets to improve their professional credibility, for a price.



Help us improve Impactee options

We trust you know how it feels being powerless to others with greater resources. You likely avoid direct conflict with them. Avoidance easily incentivizes Impactors to continue disrespecting you.


It becomes structural. It’s not that they deliberately choose to disrespect or neglect your needs. They are genuinely kept unaware of their many toxic impacts.


Without a bridge to mutually respect each other’s needs, Impactees naturally seek relief. They understandably resort to a list of legitimate adversarial options.


  • Litigation against Impactors

  • Complain about Impactors to a consumer complaint board

  • Complain to those in authority over the Impactors

  • Contact industry watchdogs

  • Contact sympathetic press

  • Post complaints on social media, including a campaign of outrage

  • Post online negative reviews to sites like Yelp, Google, Glassdoor, etc.

  • Spread word-of-mouth negativity

  • Disrupt Impactors’ revenue streams

  • Propose legislation or local ordinances to constrict Impactor behavior

  • Start a company or nonprofit to better serve the similarly disaffected

  • Absenteeism

  • Presenteeism

  • Non-cooperation

  • and more


We invite you to join us to incentivize Impactors to replace these hostile options, with our mutually beneficial conciliatory approach.


When Impactors see the Impactee building a support team, with you in it, we incentivize Impactors to support our better alternative. Together, we challenge structural barriers to resolving needs, for the benefit of all.


Along the way, we inspire Impactors to invest in the Impactee’s emerging development. Impactors can take comfort in seeing you supporting the Impactee, and keeping the Impactee accountable to this commitment for mutually beneficial growth.



Impactee’s service options

The Impactee invites your support. The level of support depends on the selected service option. They have three to choose from.

  1. To try this one-time message. They ask you to join them in handling the Impactor’s reply.

  2. To continue the service with ongoing text support. They ask you to support them in their dialoguing with the Impactor.

  3. To enroll in a full-service course. They ask for your ongoing support to compel the Impactor support their passionate purpose in life.


The more supporters joining their team, the easier we can grab the Impactor’s attention.



No, this is not extortion

If this sounds like extortion, think again. Extortion is legally defined as gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force or threat of violence, property damage, harm to reputation, or unfavorable government action. The Impactee is  arguably already being “extorted” by the Impactor in ways privileged by gaps in the law.


Power lets the Impactor obtain things of value against the Impactee’s best interests.


If the Impactee cannot afford the same caliber of legal assistance as the Impactor, the Impactor structurally forces the lesser-resourced Impactee to give up value. The Impactor either acquiesces to the Impactor’s legally privileged pressures, or risk greater losses.


We call this structural exaction. In contrast to legally prohibited extortion, structural exaction temps us to believe such coercive transfer of value is legitimate. For example,


  • Forced to accept a wage much less than what the Impactee is honestly worth.

  • Coerced to pay a higher price than the market’s price balancing supply and demand.

  • Manipulated into taking a plea deal although innocent, out of fear of a life sentence.

  • Pressured into accepting a limiting policy option dismissive of Impactee needs.

  • Strong-armed into adopting values favoring others, to avoid further trauma.


Instead of resigning one’s fate to giving up their value to benefit the more powerful, then resorting to hostile reactions to ease the inevitable pain, we provide a preferred alternative. We stretch beyond mere relief of pain to remove the cause of pain, on both sides of this power relationship.


You are invited to take part in this pioneering solution.



Your options as a supporter

You can quietly tag along, to look before you buy. Or you can dip your toe into the pool with a minor commitment. Or you can dive in and take a chance. Or you can take a bold lead to invest in this much need solution.



How it works



Impact Parity Model



structural exaction: legally privileged forms of coercively obtaining benefits from others against their best interests, typically as a result of having greater resources than the one being exacted. Extortion, by contrast, is legally defined forms of coercively obtaining benefits from others against their best interests.


structural exaction:


predatory medical billing [by hospitals]

predatory loans exploiting vulnerabilities

predatory marketing

predatory prosecution

predatory law enforcement

predatory litigation

predatory politics