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Elder woman and her caretaker

As you age, you may find it harder to express your changing needs. As you become more dependent on others, the cost could be deadly.


Which do you think is more likely?

  • A nursing home resident complains she didn't get her meal right after eating it because she is suffering dementia, so there really is no problem to address.

  • She complains she didn't get her meal because she is experiencing some other need not being met, and hunger is her most familiar way of expressing this in her declining state.

The less a senior can function, the more challenging to remain attuned to their changing needs.

Now you can make sure your senior's needs receive the attention they require.

  1. Download the free Excel spreadsheet tool. Click "Enable Editing" to start using it.

  2. Fill in the empty white fields with the senior's information. Document how your senior's needs naturally change. Capture its complexity along their continuum of care.

  3. Send it to your eldercare providers. Use it to speak your truth to power, to keep caregivers accountable to your senior's changing needs.


Let us honor our elders with the attention to detail they deserve. Check out the sample. Then download the form today.

Currently requires MS Excel to utilize.


[NOTE: You are embarking on our earliest version. You can help us refine this tool. You can help us turn this into an app anyone can download and use. Thank you for being such an innovator!]

How are your activities of daily living?

We honor our elders by keeping pace with their changing needs

Excel file opens in protected view.jpg

After you download the spreadsheet, it will open in PROTECTED VIEW. Go ahead and click on Enable Editing to start using it. The form will not work until you do.

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