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Schedule a time for us to converse in our Facebook group - FREE!

  • 25 minutes
  • "You NEED This" Facebook group

Service Description

WELCOME Anankelogy is a brand new field, and you can add to it with your questions and contributed insights. What anankelogical concepts would you like to discuss? How would you like to apply this understanding of needs to the needs impacted in your life, and the lives of those you know? Anankelogy lets you talk about competing political views from a less biased perspective. There is plenty you can discover with this new set of lens, so let's meet in our Facebook group to explore together, for free. LOGISTICS Attending this free session requires you to join our 'You NEED This' Facebook group: Once accepted, check the Events page. At the scheduled time, join the Messenger Room and introduce yourself. Others may join us. The group session promptly ends 25 minutes after its scheduled starting time, out of respect for each other's time. We discuss generally about anankelogy, with no expectation of privacy. Schedule a one-on-one session if you need to discuss personal matters raised by anankelogical insight. Prior to our scheduled session, please check your inbox. If I must cancel or share any other information, I can let you know by email ahead of time. I count on you to make the most of your free session by starting promptly. I must end promptly by the scheduled end time to serve others fairly. You will gain the most from this session if you familiarize with anankelogy. Prior to reading the book or hearing a presentation on anankelogy, you can get a quick idea from downloading the interactive 'Free sample' spreadsheet. You will be best served if you have questions or topics ready to discuss when we begin. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please contact us promptly. So we can accommodate you quickly and as error-free as possible. Each session must be scheduled separately, which we recommend you do at the conclusion of each session. FINALLY Thank you for the honor to travel this journey together for a while. See you soon.

Cancellation Policy

You can schedule a session until one hour before it begins. However, we recommend scheduling 24 hours in advance to avoid any mishaps. The sooner you lock in your scheduled time, the better we can serve you. If you need to cancel, please let us know 24 hours in advance. You are allowed to cancel at least an hour before start time to avoid getting charged. If you absolutely must cancel minutes before your scheduled start time and find you are charged for your no-show, contact us about a potential refund. We aim to be fair to everyone, and last minute changes prevents us from fully serving others in need. Or to fully serve you. Remember, Value Relating focuses on respecting everyone's needs. Thank you for your understanding.

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