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Leftward leaning needs

We trust you learned something valuable about yourself. We see you as valuable, no matter where you fit along the political spectrum. Your responses indicate you lean politically to the left.


Your needs pull you leftward. Liberal politics allows you to express your unbending need for fairness. No amount of arguing from conservatives can change you. Until you feel fairly treated it's unrealistic to change this political view.


You understandably lean politically left. You likely rely on federal protections to guard minority rights. Unrestricted trade is off your radar. You feel the need for equal rights more than a need for free markets.


As a liberal minded person, you're keenly sensitive to the disadvantaged among us. You know how vulnerable the least among us can be to the exploitation of others. You appreciate how the state protects minority rights.


However, your general faith in big government can enable some troubling practices. Such as expanding the volume of regulations that can stifle innovative startups. Can you see how that could intrude on the needs of others?


Equality matters more to you right now than individual freedoms. You feel your social needs more urgently than your individuality needs. We see you experiencing a wide-firstpsychosocial orientation,” to relieve your more pressing social needs of greater belonging, of social inclusion.


Unfortunately, political orientation theories tend to overstate the role of choice. We do not simply choose what we may need. We don’t flexibly choose our political beliefs; we find what gives expression to our less flexible needs. We can only change them when aligned with our needs.


Value Relating

We are so done with political polarization!

Let's get started

Download the Quick Assessment Survey to get started. You will learn some inspiring stuff about yourself. And start to see how we can break through political polarization.

Ready to delve deeper?

Now let’s be honest. When some liberal person talks or acts crazy it may be an embarrassment to you, but you do not see them as representative of all liberals. But when a conservative talks or acts crazy you see it as typical of all conservatives. Right?


You see little if any good coming from conservatism. Mostly narrow minded bigots hating on minorities, right? We have a word for this human tendency to see the worst sample of our foes as typical of the whole group. We call it "pseudo-opposition." It's a cogntive distortion akin to fundamental attribution error.


We believe what we need to believe. If we need to believe all conservatives are evil, then our minds will be quick to find confirming evidence, and pass right over contradictory evidence. Their minds are doing the same to us.


Once convinced of their evil, we excuse ourselves from considering their needs, from listening to them as fellow humans, from seeing them with needs that we can discover how to serve. We can turn this around. We could be creating value, instead of demanding value.


We're not going to wait for them to respect our needs. We create value by modeling first how we would have them respect our politicized needs. What if a conservative actually listened and responded to what you need of them? Are you ready for that possibility?


We developed a process for you to engage them with greater respect for their needs, which may compel them to engage you with improved respect for your needs. We offer this same service to them.


We're moving past faux political arguments. We're delving into one another's diverse needs too ofen missed when stuck in debate mode. We're shifting focus to value people with needs we can valuably serve. For those ready to move past the demanding of value into the offering of value. Are you ready to move beyond political polarization?


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More leftward leaning

Click through each of these twelve slides to delve further into your leftward leaning need experiences. Be sure to hold your mouse over the slide to read the text. Navigate by clicking on the arrows to either side.

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In contrast to leaning right

If your liberal outlook serves your needs, then consider how a conservative outlook serve their needs. Perhaps we are not as different as it may seem. A first step to overcoming polarization is to understand both sides.

Click through each of these eight slides to better understand conservatism. Be sure to hold your mouse over the slide to read the text below. It may take a second or two for the text. Navigate by clicking on the arrows to either side.

Click through each of these twelve slides to delve further into your leftward leaning need experiences. Be sure to hold your mouse over the slide to read the text. It may take a second or two for the text below to appear. Navigate by clicking on the arrows to either side.

Are you more cispolitical or transpolitical?


Oh no, not another quiz!

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What you won’t find anywhere but here


We comprehend political orientation from the pioneering perspective of anakelogy, the study of need. This new field introduces us to our shared and yet diverse need experience orientations. One such “NEO” is our shared and yet diverse psychosocial orientation. We express our inward psychosocial orientation as our outward political orientation.



Psychosocial continuum



Anakelogy brings the discipline of not dismissing any expression of need.

Anakelogy sits outside of politics, peering into our political expresssions with an impartial appreciation for the diverse needs it expresses.


Anakelogy provides a basis for understanding our political outlooks not available elsewhere. Anakelogical principle help us focus on the needs underlying all political experiences. We can start with a few anakelogical principles:

  • We tend to believe what we need to believe. We rarely can convince another into seeing something contrary to their own interpreted needs.

  • Emotions convey needs. Politics serves as a form of organized emotions. Bias pulls attention to needs.

  • Morality exists to serve needs. Apart from experiencing needs there is no good or bad.

Psychosocial wellness vs. psychosociopathologies



To learn more...

These are just some of the insights you can learn more about in the eCourses on anakelogy and its application in the eCourse on Politics Debunked.

Our changing politics


Conserved liberalism: a wide-then-deepening psychosocial orientation


Progressed conservatism: a deep-then-widening psychosocial orientation


Locked-left liberalism: a wide-yet-shallow psychosocial orientation

Whether the regressive left or illiberal left, [SJW] "snowflakes"


Locked-right conservatism: a deep-yet-narrow psychosocial orientation

Whether the alt-right or the John Birch Society, often dismissed as tribalism,


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Take a peek at what you would see if self-identifying as a conservative.

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Your eCourse made to order

With your helpful input, I can create an eCourse that delves deeper into this whole need-basis behind our unnecessarily political tensions.

Value Relating: from - to +

If you knew conservatism aimed to serve less flexible needs, much as liberalism serves a different set of less flexible needs, would that change your attitude towards conservatives? What if their outlook comes from an authentic part of themselves? Would you expect them to change their authentic self to meet your expectations?


What if we turned away from triggering each other's defenses? What if we first affirmed the expressed needs of conservatives, without any assumptions we can do much about them at the momen? Instead of pushing them away, what if we attracted their respect for our needs by respecting their needs first?

Value framing

We provide

While I disagree with your politics, I want to know you better. I want to respect the needs behind those views.


You likely disagree with my politics. I invite you see the needs behind my political views, to know me better.


By appreciating each other’s needs better, I trust we can step beyond some of our political differences and get down to the stuff that really matters. Like our inherent value to each other.



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