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Are you more cisspirit or transspirit?


  1. In our social identities, cisspirits tend to fit in more with social expectations and readily feel affirmed with full group inclusion. Transspirits tend to defy social norms, often feeling they do not adequately fit in with their groups.

  2. Cisspirits tend to respect the rules as key for cooperative living, essential for getting things done. Transspirits tend to see rules as constructed for some but not all situations, occasionally to be defied to resolve some deeper need.

  3. Cisspirits typically keep track of what they give to whom, to pragmatically keep balance with the resources they receive. Transspirits risk being exploited for their generosity, as they generally do not signal some return is in order.

  4. Cisspirits emphasize the need to settle an issue by acting promptly without avoiding the discomfort of conflict. Transspirits consider at least some value in each expressed side, to ensure all matters are addressed for a sustainable solution.

  5. Cisspirits are inclined to feel more pragmatically connected with their group members than abstractly with all life. Transspirits intuitively experience harm to another as ultimately harm to oneself, as all being spiritually connected.

  6. Cisspirits focus more on prompt relief, for easing intolerable pain from mounting problems. Transspirits focus more on long-term resolve, for getting to the root that causes many problems in the first place.

  7. Cisspirits are inclined to act provisionally toward some need, if only to avoid harm from further inaction. Transspirits are inclined to endure immediate hardships with anticipation of more enduring resolutions.

  8. Cisspirits may instantly categorize people in sweeping generalities according to how they perceive them relating to their needs. Transspirits tend to perceive such people as more complex than available categories can contain.

  9. Cisspirits will tend to gravitate to the position in an issue that best supports their group. Transspirits intuitively realize some merit in all given positions, even if only affirming the inherent value in each speaker.

  10. Cisspirits are generally drawn toward what is more practical for getting things done as problems persist. Transspirits are generally drawn toward creating enduring solutions that can prevent problems from recurring.

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