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WELLCHECK for TransEconomic


Here is where you, the key client, report your current levels of emotional wellbeing. Here is how we know if we're having a positive impact or not.


Provide us a current score for these 5 items of your emotional wellbeing.

Provide us a current score for these 5 items of your impacted functionality.

Provide us a current score for these 10 items that show your orientation to pain.


 TransEconomic  WELLCHECK

Fill out each form below

If brought here by clicking a link from your service plan, please take a moment to capture where you're at with your economic despair


Assess your emotional wellbeing & Assess your impacted functionality

Fill out form and then click the SUBMIT button. If you've already done the assessments with the downloadable spreadsheets, then upload your saved version here.

Simply provide these basic items.

  • Your name.

  • Your email address.

  • Your wellbeing gaged by these five items.

  • Upload saved file (optional).


Each of the five emotional wellbeing measures, and impacted functionality measures, follow the continuum below. Later we can dive into what this all means. For now, we just need you to recognize this is about capturing the intensity you currently experience with each item. 

0 - at rest: your need is fully resolved

1 - aware low: your need is resolved enough to keep it off your mind

2 - aware mid: your need waits in the background for your ready attention

3 - aware high: your need insists it receive more of your focus

4 - alert low: your need increasingly demands your attention

5 - alert mid: your insistent need consumes your focus

6 - alert high: your unmet need shouts its urgency, drowns out other concerns

7 - alarm low: your unmet need compromises your functioning

8 - alarm mid: you adapt to failed functioning from this unmet need

9 - alarm high: your functioning collapses, damaging your life


Assess your comfort zone

Answer the degree of agreement or disagreement to each of these ten items, then click SUBMIT. This one tries to capture how you relate to pain and suffering. 

Items 5 and 10 are a little different. They ask you to gage your experience. Please do this one as soon as you're finished with the first two, so we can proceed on schedule.

Let's do this again sometime

You will see these three surveys again. By then we anticipate significant improvement. So please be honest in revealing how low things are for you.

The idea here is to compare your later scores with this one, and to show any significant improvement to your would-be supporters. Once they see you improving they will more likely take interest in furthering your improvement.

Of course, don't go so artificially low (like a 9 or 8 on the first two surveys) if you're not actually suffering that much. Later we'll use a more objective measure. Others must see the improvement for you to reach your goal.

Ready? Then do proceed. Your journey awaits.


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