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Value Frame #221

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Value Frame #221 Instructions
Value Frame #221 Optimization

Yes, this document is free to download if agreeing to the terms of use. You can show your appreciation for its value to you by donating $1.99 to help support us, as we struggle to establish and grow this service for your needs. Thank you.

$5.00    Affordability Plan: entry

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Need some assistance? Purchase 1000 block of words to request further input to your value frames. Be more assured before you send them.

$10.00 per day Flexibility Plan

Need more flexibility? Need assistance on demand? Request input into optimizing your value frames for the next 2 weeks. Paid in full. Unsubscribe at any time. First day is free.


Do-It-Yourself. Download the value frame and follow instructions for its proper, effective use. Use of this value frame assumes you agree to our terms of use.

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Have a question how to apply this value frame to your specific situation. We provide two plans for you to receive support by encrypted email. Our Affordability plan, and our Flexibility plan.

PLANNING by videoconferencing

We can give you far more than assistance. Contact us about how we can help you optimize value framing. Learn more by clicking here.

Value Frame #221 Assistance
Value Frame #221 Guidance

Hi! My name is Steph, and I specialize in serving political wonks. I focus on applying Value Relating to anyone eager to move beyond political polarization.


Contact me here.

Hi! My name is Alisha, and I specialize in serving the elderly. I also focus on helping anyone apply Value Relating in a biblical framework.


Contact me here.

Value Frame #221 Examples
Value Frame #221 Examples
Value Frame #221 Testimonials
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