Politics:  The art of generalizing about how to agreeably address needs in a shared environment.
Political orientation:  the outward expression of inward psychosocial tension.

What makes a conservative or liberal tick?

Take the QUIZ to learn, and maybe see what's behind your own political leaning.

Political differences rooted in differences in felt need

There is not good or bad except for need. All need is homeostatic in origin. Psychosocial homeostasis... MORE

Lateral versus vertical dimension


Text.. MORE

From generalizations to specifics


Text.... MORE


Transcending or transgressing political divisions toward an emphasis of deeper unity and away from polarization.


Subscribing to political categories as the familiar way of rallying support to compel agreed action toward shared need.

QUIZ items

Apolitical are apathetic. Political unity is a naive concept. Some people are just stupid.
Passive, allow their enemies to control their fate. Voting a third party will waste your vote. People who don't vote must not care about their country. Not voting at the polls is irresponsible. Not voting is unpatriotic.
solving problems by resolving needs
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