TransValu Services


Assessing and addressing needs from outside of the box and beyond divisive polarities.

Transvaluing Political Dysfunction


Let us look together beyond arbitrary political divisions to find a deeper connection.


Politics is the art of generalizing about how to agreeably relieve needs in a shared environment. Such generalizations can be far removed from the reality on the ground. Degeneralization is a respectful process to reflect on one's trusted generalizations and consider where more helpful specifics can be integrated for improved decisions and more satisfying need resolve.

Impact Voting

Voting at the ballot box can be called "outcome voting." We are given preselected options, which saves us from a labor intensive process of vetting qualified policymakers into critical leadership positions. Outcome spells change, but says little about the quality of any change.


We're told our vote counts, but for what? Long before Citizens United, money regularly distorted the electoral process. Honestly, what really keeps our elected officials accountable to a public it claims to serve?


An "impact vote" puts "people power" back into the word democracy. How? By raising the accountabilities to evidence-based impacts. More...


Transvaluing Judicial Dysfunction


Let us look together beyond arbitrary behavioral categories to find a deeper connection.

Guerilla Ethics

[MORE metrics]


Diagnostic Assistance: live stream for law enforcement to receive professional diagnostic guidance when assessing mental status of citizens presenting need for intervention.


To work in concert with body cameras, which are to be linked to police headquarters. When needing assessment guidance, officer sends audiovideo feed to staff counselor.


Transvaluing Economic Dysfunction


Let us look together beyond arbitrary economic barriers to find a deeper connection.

Value First

Micro-entrepreneur development (excubation)


DynoVal / VALOR

Value Parity


Reassessment of economic relationships to tease out harmful disparities.


Transvaluing debt: process to rethink financial obligations from perspective of new economy dynamics.

solving problems by resolving needs
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