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Thanks for letting us serve you. If you opted for the unstructured approach, consider how our structured approach an better meet your needs.

If you are the powerless one in the power relation, consider what our power balancing can do for you. 

If you are the powerholder in the power relation, consider what our power coaching can do for you. 

If you're ready to explore how far this journey can take you, then take some time to review how our impact parity model can serve you.​ See how we apply it in our unique psychosociotherapeutice process. See how we apply anankelogy to understand your needs as no one has understood them before.



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Yes, we accept tips

If you received a huge discount, or paid nothing at all with our First Session Free discount coupon, here you have opportunity to show your appreciation. You understandably preferred to experience this new service first, before handing over your cash. 

Or maybe you paid full price for your session, and want to express your gratitude for what you experienced. Perhaps you recognize the value of this pioneering service is far more than our affordable prices.

Here is your chance to thank Steph, or thank Alisha, with a personal gratuity. They must split official payments with Value Relating, but they get to keep the full gratuity you send them here. Well, minus a small processing fee.

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If you appreciate Value Relating as an awesome experience, know we are bootstrapping this venture. With little to no funds, we offer this revolutionary service to you. We charge little to nothing upfront to keep it affordable to those who need it most.

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