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Still enduring the court's miscarriage of justice?

"We know without a doubt that the vast majority of innocent defendants who are convicted of crimes are never identified and cleared."


​If among the million-plus wrongly convicted, you likely already know how: 

  • Innocence Projects routinely receive more requests than they can serve.

  • Innocent prisoners routinely serve a full sentence, then remain locked out of full citizenship.

  • Criminal courts routinely deny their errors and typically not incentivized to take responsibility.


Now you have an alternative to the court's conflict of interest.

  1. Download the free Excel spreadsheet tool. Click "Enable Editing" to start using it.

  2. Use it to calculate the viability of your innocence claim. It compares your case to those already exonerated.

  3. Back your claim with evidence, and see your estimated innocence increase. Use it to speak your truth of innocence to power.


Let us replace the biases of adversarial justice with a commitment to resolve justice needs. Including yours. Check out the sample. Then download the form today.

Currently requires MS Excel or reader to utilize.


[NOTE: You are embarking on our earliest version. You can help us refine this tool. You can help us turn this into an app anyone can download and use. Thank you for being such an innovator!]

Prove your innocence without lawyers

Wrongly convicted and not yet exonerated?

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After you download the spreadsheet, it will open in PROTECTED VIEW. Go ahead and click on Enable Editing to start using it. The form will not work until you do.