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Turn political conflicts into opportunities using our Quick Discovery Survey!

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Download the Quick Assessment Survey to get started. You will learn some inspiring stuff about yourself. And start to see how we can break through political polarization.

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Join us in overcoming political tensions

Because your needs are always more important than my political views..

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Take this Quick Discovery Survey to discover how your needs influence your political outlook.


See how alternative political views are influenced by a different set of needs.


Discover how each can better appreciate one another’s differing set of needs.


Discover how you can now turn political foes into helpful friends.


Join us in overcoming political polarization, starting with this journey of self-discovery.

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Further products are currently in development. A free eCourse is to be available soon, to deepen the insights learned here. A book is also in the works, that delves deeply into how our differing needs shape our differing political outlooks.


Informed consent

Data you provide may be used to help validate or invalidate the hypotheses in this book, and in the eCourse. Its more immediate benefit is normalizing your own set of needs that often get expressed in political terms. No, just because your politics remain different from others this does not mean you're crazy.


Nonetheless, you may not want others know you're taking this survey. We use no demographic data, so your anonymity is fully assured. The only risk we forsee is evoking intense and potentially uncomfortable emotions associated with political conflicts you may have encountered with others. While we seek to ultimately remedy such conflicts and their frequent painful results, you are free to steer clear of such discomfort and discontinue this quiz at any time.


As a form of data collection, your participation is fully voluntary. You are under no obligation to complete this survey for any purpose. You can stop filling it out at any time without any repercussions. Except we would not be able to serve its purpose to alleviate any political tensions which you may still endure. We trust you will decide what is best for you and your needs, which we prioritize over any need we have for this data.


As an alternative, you can click here to view alternative political surveys online.


If deciding to complete the survey, we aim to provide results by email.


Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions. Thank you for participating in this insightful survey. We hope you have been serve by it. buying. Thank you.

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