Projects History


When complete, this section is to list the many need-attending creative projects emerging out of this TransValue perspective. Many ideas will be free for the taking. Others may ask for collaboration. And others may be available for an outright purchase. Below is a sampling of images from such projects already developed or in development.



Original sandwich cookies featuring a milk chocolate square center between two soft chocolate chip cookies held together deliciously with peanut butter. Also available with mint chocolate center.


Item can be simply made in bulk. Available as a economic empowerment opportunity.




More card game than football.

More strategy than chance.


You don't have to understand football

to play this game.

You don't even have to like football,

but it may help.



Speak truth to power

with one voice.


You address them for free.

They pay for the privilege

to respond properly to you.



Hear and be heard.


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Value fit


Physical:  does it meet a need for a tangible product?


Mental:  does it meet a need for an intangible service?


Emotional:  does it fit our needs for mutual social skills?


Spiritual:  does it affirm one another's innate value?



gXp: First&Ten, SwordWords, Trickster, etc.

Projects' narratives


exploratory:  songwriting, desktop publishing, poetry


dreamsXpress:  umbrella entity for creative endeavors: gamesXpress for games invented, songsXpress for songwriting/publishing, wordsXpress for writing projects


Jen Durr Services:  including Jen Durr Publishing, focus on helping incarcerated trans with spiritual expression; Trans Spirituality quarterly zine, TransInjustice website, TransAction Program


TransValu:  prep for life calling as transspirit


solving problems by resolving needs
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