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Step 2: Review your info

We hope you find this liberating

By simply sharing your story with us, you no longer must carry this weight alone. We are honored to serve your needs in this empowering way. The bulk of this step occurs through encrypted email exchanges, so please watch that inbox.


It’s all about this message

Through encrypted email, we converse with you about the particulars of this . We’ll gather just enough information to mold into an attention-grabbing message to attract the apparent impactor’s feedback.


Review message drafts

We then submit this for your review, usually within 24 hours. We may toss some early drafts back and forth before we agree the message is just right.

Agree on final message

Once you’re satisfied with the final version, we send it by email to the one you identify as the “Apparent Impactor” (AI). You have the option to be CC or BCC when we send this carefully worded email.


What you say here stays here

Of course, all remains held in strict confidence. We are professionally bound to not share your story with anyone. Short of threats to harming anyone, it is completely up to you to decide who can know it and when they can know it.


Do keep us in the loop

If you typically encounter this person in your daily activities (e.g., your supervisor, your teacher, your landlord), we incentivize them and you to keep us in the loop. If approached, you can simply assert, “I prefer to wait to communicate through this conciliatory process, to avoid undermining any full resolution.” So we can absorb any negativity to secure this budding rapport.


Rate your rapport

Take your next step into your own empowerment. After we agree on a message to send to this apparent impactor (AI), rate how well you think you your message can build rapport with this AI. Mark each of these four items from one (best) to five (worst) as it applies to you right now. If the AI perceives close to the same levels we trust you are building sufficient rapport for us all to continue.


A) Respect. Demanding or conciliatory.

If you received this message, would you feel the needs on both sides equally respected?

B) Intent. Guarded or open.

If you received this message, would you feel defensive or trusting?

C) Tone. Accusatory or welcoming.

If you received this message, would you feel any eagerness to continue?

D) Engaging. Me-centered or appealing?

If you received this message, would you feel your input mattered as much as theirs? 


Measuring for success

Each of these occur along a range. You may, for example, convey a mostly welcoming tone but one phrase comes off as accusatory in ways you cannot immediately see. We help spot what you may not catch while still frustrated by the incident. We optimize your chances to turn this apparent conflict into an amazing kind of new opportunity.


A kind of matchmaking

After contacting the apparent impactor, we invite them to rate your message to them with these same measures. The idea is to gauge the level of rapport throughout the process to maximize the results.


Maximizing for results

You may receive other helpful tips to optimize your message’s impact. We provide the bridge to make this awkward crossing a little easier.


Check your email

Check your email for more helpful information smoothing out this process. Again, thank you for letting us serve your need. Together, we’ll make a better world for us all.

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