This exploration of need reponses is broken down into separate articles, each featuring an illustrative diagram.


How Do You Find Relief?

Do you always find relief for all of your needs? Or do you merely ease it, just enough to put away any annoying discomfort? Or placate some unrelenting desire?


Indigentology sees relief depending upon available resources outside of yourself. Unless we’re talking about a closed system, such as the circulatory system, maintaining balance involves some source outside of oneself. Resource=repeated use of that source.


What Do You Know?

Uneven access to resources impacts our relief experiences, along with our beliefs about seeking and finding relief, and what we regard as good and bad. Or as black and white.


Here we shift to relying on the yin-yang symbol. The early phase of seeking relief and resources tends to follow a dynamic process of apparent binary options. We integrate these complementary indigenous perspectives to close out our exploration of indigentology.


This is also about being engaging. At the bottom of each article is space for your feedback. You are encouraged to share your perspective, your understanding, your wisdom. After all, it’s your needs we are implicitly talking about. Let’s communicate about communicating needs. How well are you able to relieve all your needs?

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Section Outline      .


There is little homeostasis except for resources.


Relieving needs typically depends on accessing something outside of oneself. This theme is broken down into these subsections.



N0000s  Overview.  Goes into a little further depth what this outline merely introduces.


N0100s  Binary tree heuristic=initial options.  Experiencing a need typically triggers a series of initial binary options.


N0200s  Gendered norms=organized options.  Relief options tend to be organized around gender traits.


N0300s  Conventionality norms=cultural options.  Socially available resources shape much of our relief routines.


N0400s  Relief norms=experienced options. However we experience a pursuit of relief we tend to gravitate toward its familiarity.


N0500s  Psychosocial norms=balancing options.  The more balanced our internally and externally available resources the more our full potential is reached.



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"There's a time to plant and a time to reap."


What if there was a tool to find when it's best to enter a relationship and when to pull back? Now there is.



Seasons define our time, not some machine


about this new field called indigentology, the study of human need.


But to be fair,

it is (so far)

the only blog about this new field called indigentology.


The blog takes these ideas and tries to make them plain.


binary tree heuristic
binary tree heuristic
binary tree heuristic
binary tree heuristic
binary tree heuristic
binary tree heuristic
binary tree heuristic

No.     Diagram             Article title & summary (click on title or image to open in same window)

When expressing a need we usually refer to a trusted resource to ease that need. Resources are often conflated with needs. When I say I need some water to quench my thirst what I’m really saying is that I seek the resource of water to relieve the root need of bodily fluid equilibrium. Relief depends on such resources. Accessing them typically follow learned norms. Living in shared environments tends to compel agreement to such norms. And this can create problems.

N 102

Binary Tree Heuristic: yes-it-is OR no-it’s-not

Not yet posted

N 202

Gender dynamic: moving apart OR coming together

Not yet posted

N 203

Gendered Cognition: differentiation OR integration

Not yet posted

N 301

Conventionality: cisconventional OR transconventional 1

Not yet posted

N 302

Conventionality: cisconventional OR transconventional 2

Not yet posted

N 400


Not yet posted

N 501

Psychosocial norm: psychosocial tension OR psychosocial parity

Not yet posted

N 503

Appeal for Support: normative rhetoric OR descriptive discourse

Not yet posted


Cisconventionality tends to correlate with normative rhetoric: to generalize agreement. Transconventionality tends to correlate with descriptive discourse: to isolate relevant specifics.


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