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Signing a Contract

Still processing paper forms from countless pleas for help?

"We know without a doubt that the vast majority of innocent defendants who are convicted of crimes are never identified and cleared."


​Replace your old forms with one that automatically estimates innocence based on comparisons to known exonerations.


If servicing the estimated million-plus wrongly convicted, you likely already know how: 

  • You could process more innocence claims if you had a larger staff and more resources.

  • You could process innocence claims more effectively if your paper form was replaced by an online form.*

  • You risk traumatizing the innocent who fills out long forms and then told their case cannot be served.


Now you have an alternative to clunky paper forms.

  1. Download the free Excel spreadsheet tool and see how an estimated ‘certainty of innocence’ can improve your workflow.

  2. Check if the form adequately asks for the data your innocence services require.

  3. See if it offers some encouragement to those you cannot immediately serve. Let it help improve how you listen to those impacted.


Let us work together to better serve the innocence population of the unexonerated. Together, we can collect the necessary data to demonstrate to funders your need for greater resources to process all these viable claims. Check out the sample. Then download the form today to see how you can improve your trustworthiness to those you exist to serve.

Currently requires MS Excel or reader to utilize.


[NOTE: You are embarking on our earliest versions. You can help us refine this tool. You can help us turn this into an app anyone can download and use. Thank you for being such an innovator!]

*A paper version is available for incarcerated claimants. Their proxy family or friend sends it to them to fill out, and transcribes into the electronic form to submit online. Eventually, it should be imperative for every correction facility to enable controlled access to a data-entry version of this online form.


After validating this spreadsheet version, we aim to shift to an online form. 

By using this tool, you agree with our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If these terms and policy do not fit your need, you are not to use this tool. We welcome you to contact us to suggest how we can fit these to your particular needs.

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Overwhelmed by countless pleas for help?

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