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Thank you for your interest in this new adventure. It’s being piecemealed as you read this.


This is my minimal viable product (MVP) to test if the problem I aim to solve is a significant problem, and if the solution I suggest can sufficiently solve that problem.


Problem-Solution fit    to    Product-Market fit    to    Scale enterprise


As I learn how to best serve your targeted need, I will fill out more of the missing pieces: how-it-works, examples, price plans, and the works. But only as time permits, as a work a day job to pay the bills.


The more support I receive, the more of my energies I can devote to this project. Thank you for considering a donation to help get this dream of the ground and into sustainable flight.

This channel is coming soon!
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Help shape our development. First, by sharing your feedback here at the left. Second, by donating something to show you need something like this in your life. Write in your own amount. Thank you for helping us help others like yourself.


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