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Homeostasis is the cyclic process of restoring internal equilibrium levels so they remain relatively constant. It is a process of fluctuation around relatively stable norms. These fluctuations result from life’s interaction with other elements—both internal and external. What we call “need” is shorthand for this natural process. Outside of this homeostatic process there is no need, and no emotion.

This section also relies on the wellness wheel symbol, based upon the Native American 4-quadrant sared circle. This article returns you to blog post 027, where its useful application to illustrating the dynamics for indigentology is introduced.

H 102

Homeostasis as the Basis to Every Need 2

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H 103

Compelled Toward Homeostatic Equilibrium

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H 104

Your Way or My Way or Our Way

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H 105

Awareness Cycle

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H 201

Discomfort and Desire: restoring functional balance 1

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H 202

Discomfort and Desire: restoring functional balance 2

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H 203

Depths of Development: quality of need satisfaction

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How Do You Experience Your Needs?

Felt any discomfort lately? How about desire, such as hunger? The former typically prompts you to distance yourself from something. The latter to bring something in, namely food.


Indigentology opens here with a homeostatic paradigm. It sees the experience of need as a rising and falling in some life functioning level. Experiencing a return to some normal functioning level is felt as relief. According to indigentology, this is homeostatic equilibrium.


What Do You Need?

As applied here, homeostasis is the regulation of internal levels necessary for functioning by maintaining some balance with external levels of the environment.


As a cyclic process, we continue to utilize the 4-part cycle diagrams to illustrate need experience as homeostasis. And we’ll continue to complement this indigenous perspective with other perspectives to help us appreciate our needs.


This is also about being engaging. At the bottom of each article is space for your feedback. You are encouraged to share your perspective, your understanding, your wisdom. After all, it’s your needs we are implicitly talking about. Let’s communicate about communicating needs. What do you need right now?

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Section Outline       

There is no need except for homeostasis.


The experience of needs is the fluctuating levels of life’s functioning. This theme is broken down into these subsections.



H0000s  Overview.  Goes into a little further depth what this outline merely introduces.


H0100s  Homeostasis=need experience.  Need is the internal experience of rising and falling levels of life functions.


H0200s  Need relief=homeostasis equilibrium.  Returning to normal equilibrium levels is what we experience as need relief.


H0300s  Relief options=gendered equilibrium.  Options for relieving need tend to follow routines organized around gender traits.


H0400s  Growth needs=patterned equilibrium.  Relieving needs lead into developmental needs toward one’s full potential.


H0500s  Resource needs=psychosocial equilibrium.  Relieving needs involves a balance between internal and external available means.


H0600s  Optimizing=psychosocial development.  Relieving some needs more than others impacts one’s psychosocial development.


Need experience

This exploration of need experience is broken down into separate articles, each featuring an illustrative diagram.



"There's a time to plant and a time to reap."


What if there was a tool to find when it's best to plant relationships and when to reap from them? Now there is.

Seasons define our time, not some machine



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