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Welcome to a new kind of consulting service

We focus on resolving needs, where others only offer to ease your pain

Let's start anew

“You never change things by resisting the current reality,” Buckminster Fuller told us. “To change something, create a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”


Welcome to your new model for understanding your specific needs. We start with a new field of study called anankelogy. Then build upon it to turn obsolete the many barriers keeping you stuck in pain. You're invited to join us on this revolutionary journey.

Businessmen with Umbrellas

"There is no good nor bad except for need. Morality is code for need."

"No one has authority over your needs. No one can change what you now need."



No one understands your needs better than us. We founded the academic field for the disciplined study of need, called anankelogy.


Social sciences exist to serve our needs. Now you have a social science for understanding the needs themselves.

Value Relating Consulting puts anankelogy to work for you. To apply to your specific needs.

Applied anankelogy

Applied anankelogy


As clinical psychology applies its academic side to actual situations, we apply this new field to better understand and serve your overlooked painful needs. When has anyone fully grasped the extent of your pain?


Back Pain

"We rarely resolve our needs when busy avoiding its pain."

"There is no such thing as pain outside of unresolved needs."

Police Cars

"There is no higher authority under heaven than resolved needs."

"While no one sits above the law, no law sits above the needs it exists to serve."


Applied anankelogy gives you need-response to fully resolve needs, as law enforcement never can. It is a new profession prioritizing the full resolution of your power-impacted needs. 





After adjusting all you can to the coercive influence of another, you can insist they respond better to your needs as condition for staying in the relationship. What if we held the powerful accountable in this way?


Counsel & Advice

"Wellness is psychosocial. Not merely psychological."

"While you cannot change others, your love can change relationships."

Boss Mug

"All needs. sit equal before nature."

"Power isn't really power unless it resolves needs. Otherwise it's just coercive force."

Impact Parity Model


Even your best rational decisions can leave you vulnerable to the coercive influence of  powerful others. We address the needs on both sides, because those who resolve needs to not abuse their advantage or tolerate disadvantage for very long.



Empower tools

Since they don't know what they don't know, we created tools to speak the truth of how they impact your needs. For now, each tool is an Excel spreadsheet you can download for free. 


Whose powerful influence do you need to resist?


Speaking with the Judge

"We are not governed by laws, but by needs that laws guide us to serve."

"No one has legitimate authority over resolving your needs. That's tyranny."

VR consulting
Great News

"Don't say you love me unless you support me to fully resolve needs."

"There is no greater revolution than to revolve back to love."

Value Relating Consulting

You can either speak truth to power on your own, join others who provoke each other's defensiveness instead of mutually resolving needs, or try our conciliatory approach. You can risk remaining overwhelmed, or let us optimize those tools to improve all our lives. You can hate the pain or escape the pain with our path to mutual need-resolving love.



With us, you shall...

Argue less, listen more.

Reject less, affirm more.

Demand less, offer more. 

If ready to dedicate yourself to the discipline and joy of love, of risking vulnerability to honor the needs of others as much if not more than your own, then STEP INSIDE and be welcomed with a warm embrace.


If not, please STEP ASIDE and observe. We’ll show you how love is done.

The safest generalization 

is to respect the needs of others as you would have them respect your own. 

The safest generalization is always to  


"You shall love" 

sets the standard higher than the coercive force of


Spread the love

We spread love with these free tools you can download right now.

Get politics?

Still clinging to the rational choice narrative? What if politics is not based on arguments but on irrational needs? What if political differences stem from an orientation we can't change?

Harmony Politics supported by Value Politics

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First session free for the asking.

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