Reduce suffering.   Increase supports.   Fulfill dreams.


Introducing online


improving each other's wellness

by treating relationships

caught in power differentials

instead of stigmatizing 

treatment of individuals.

Because, you know,

full wellness takes at least two.

But doesn't that encourage irresponsibility? That's what I was always taught.

Psychosociotherapy is not like psychotherapy. We're not trying to change you but  help you change your situation.

Psychosociotherapy recognizes your responsibility to yourself is only as good as other's responsibility toward you.

You mean I don't have to adjust to a messed up world? That I can help improve that world?


Then I'd like to see how I can improve my workplace environment. My boss snaps direct orders to me to do her bidding, but as an internally motivated worker, I can only focus from my own motivations to serve our customers.


Let us help you speak truth to power.

We specialize in helping clients like you speak your truth to power by building you a support system. Together, we impact those who impact you in powerful ways. We level the playing field to improve wellness outcomes for all. 


We also specialize in helping the influential to optimize their influence toward the greatest good. Together, we improve influencers’ value to reach where it’s most specifically needed. You boost their marketable value after they accountably boost yours.


At last, an empowering alternative to stigmatizing psychotherapy. Sure, there's a place for sitting down with a counselor. There's also a time to stand up and take charge of the situation.


We think you shouldn't have to adjust yourself to every stressful situation. At least not until you first exhaust all options for adjusting those stressful interactions. That’s exactly where we come in.

FREE to start. No cost to you until you see some encouraging improvements.


GROW your social support network. Never again must you face a crisis alone.


MAKE some money to improve lives. Attract investment to lift your passionate purpose in life.

What if those now contributing to your stress and depression levels could be converted into becoming sponsors of your life's goal? Why wouldn't they turn a negative into a positive?

Now you can turn stressful obstacles into workable opportunities, your opportunities into manageable challenges, and your challenges into shared successes. One supported step at a time.


Because, let’s face it, this is long overdue...and you’re worth it.

Help spur our development. Donate as little as $1 to show you need something like this in your life. Write in your own amount to express its value to you. Thank you for helping us help others like yourself.

Are you under too much stress because you need to learn to handle it more,

or because others in authority need to know how much they stress you out? 

Are you suffering anxiety because you're not being fully responsible, 

or because others in authority are not being fully responsible to you?

Are you suffering depression because your brain chemistry is imbalanced, 

or because others in authority mindlessly drain your life energies?



To paraphrase the paraphrasing of Einstein:


We cannot solve our specific problems

with the same level of generalizing

we used when creating them.

"It's all my fault" or "It's all their fault" 

are both overgeneralizations that

rush to psychosocial extremes.


  We help solve generalized problems   

 by resolving your specific needs


Both your self-needs


your social needs

One loving step at a time.

Let your journey now begin.

solving problems by resolving needs
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