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It's more about
understanding needs
than rationally debating ideas
It's more about serving
conflicting needs
than one side always being right
It's more about
resolving needs
than merely relieving pain
It's more about
offering value
than demanding value


Easing Political Polarization

by serving specific needs



Turn political differences into attractive opportunties to engage voters

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Join us in depolarizing politics by starting your own journey of self-discovery.


Responding to a SVOR Assessment you received?

Left? Right?

  • Attract voters by being more attentive to their range of specific needs

  • Bridge divisons by deeply understanding how each side experiences their politicized needs

  • Convince constituents how you understand their diverse needs better than any of your opponents

  • Defuse polarization by responding creatively to the differing needs on both sides

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Plans & Prices


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After getting past any blinding bias, we then delve into significant differences. We'll peer into specific political issues and see if a psychosocial weak side can be measurably less tenable.

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