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Political change

starts with you.

Help your local reps



while you

get paid for it.


Empower Politics

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How about earning some money on the side spreading your depolarizing love?

Let's put Empower Politics into action

You’re in a select league now. You’re among the very few who actually “gets” politics. I bet politicians need you more than you need them.
I bet... You get...
How about taking what you've learned to the next level?

I bet...



I bet you now know more about political polarization, and what to do about it, than your local representatives.


I bet they’d pay you good money to help learn and apply it, toward creating real change in their political goals.


I bet they’d pay you handsomely if it started to make a real difference in their polling numbers, their public profile, their fundraising efforts, etc.


I bet you could inspire them to serve voters like you ahead of special interests, by simply contacting them with a simple question.  


But you’ll never know unless you try.

You get...



You’re invited to join an “empowerment circle.”


It centers around an office seeker or office holder.


You and others hold these ambitious leaders to account, to restore love to our politics.


  • You get the immediate thrill of inspiring your local reps to depolarize their politics.


  • You get paid for your efforts, starting $5 a session.


  • You get opportunity to improve your earning poential by hundreds of dollars per session.


Eager to learn more? Eager to start now?

Phase One: contact your rep


In this first of three phases, you locate your local rep's email address, for inviting them to "depolarize" their politics with us. You get them into the door with a simple inviting question, along with a free assessment of their strengths, vulnerabilities, opportunities, and their risks. That's it. Exept for eagerly awaiting for their reply.

Locate your local rep. Find their email address. Know their partisan affiliation. Do you know if they plan to run for office during the next election cycle?

Download matching SVOR Assessment. Download the SVOR Assessment (Left) if they're a Democrat. The other one (Right) if they're a Republican.

Complete the SVOR form. Fill in the rep's name and address. Then save as a PDF. You will attach to this email you send.

Send as email attachment. Attach the SVOR Assessment to the email. Simply ask them in email, "What are you doing about political polarization?

Phase one

Phase two: offer a sweet deal


In this middle phase, you offer to help your local rep to overcome political polarization. You introduce  yourself as part of a team who can help them reach their political goals. The focus here is not to help them win elections but to win voters, and trust elections to take care of itself, one empower voter at a time.

Welcome each other to Empower Politics. With their first paid question, we each introduce ourselves and offer what we can do for them. You received a portion of their payments.

Receive their first question. Their first question to us is a FREE text-based query. You will be CC'ed on each message. That message teases them to ask another, for only $25.

Send link to get them started. Invite them to learn about Empower Politics here. After reading the articles they see how much we can do for them and for how much.

Answer your rep's reply. Whatever their reply, thank them for replying. Even if you are actually communicating indirectly through their staff.

Phase two

Phase three: spreading the love


In this final phase, you build rapport with each other, and learn from each other how to replace political animosity with mutual respect for each other's needs. In another words, replace the hate with love.

Learn to become a primary provider. You'll see how the process works. Perhaps you'll envision yourself driviing the process. And getting the bulk of the pay.

Spread the love. Enjoy the thrill of inspiring your local rep and others in putting specific needs ahead of poitical generalizations. Ultimately, it's worth more than the pay. But, of course, that matters too.

Hold each other accountable. Together, we check how well we're reaching our goals. We measurably replace political animosity with greater mutual respect. Our income is linked to knowable outcomes.

Promote better value. Together, we "upsale" the more valuable serves. This shifts from text-based to the higher income generating videoconferenced sessions.

Phase three
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