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Support Steph's Innocence Claim

Asexual person comes out as transgender in early 90s, gets falsely accused as being a “sexual predator” homophobic stereotype. Convicted without evidence. Must register as sex offender for life. Forced into poverty and homelessness.

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88% strong claim

compared to those exonerated under similar circumstances.

On July 7th, 1993, Steph Turner awoke to hear voices from the other room. Steph could hear her sister Janet talking to someone. That person left, but later returned with her irate mother to accuse Janet of an incredulous crime. You see, Janet was born male and now openly transgender, long before that was socially acceptable. And Janet had yet to fully transition.


At the height of the sex abuse hysteria in the early-90s, Steph came out as gender-nonconforming transgender. But living in a religiously conservative community, Steph kept it private. Steph soon came out to Janet, years after Janet had. They shared an apartment to rekindle their newfound bond. Both now freely embracing their feminine sides. Both felt asexual by not being loved for their full selves. Both drawn to the spirituality of transcending the gender divide.


A neighborhood child drew curious, peeping into Janet’s window to gawk at what she called the "man with lipstick." When caught not being home on time, the child leveled bizarre claims of sex abuse unbecoming from a child.

The child then dragged Steph into her transphobic accusations. The child claimed Steph posed with her as if she, the young child, was stabbing Steph in the chest with a jelly stained butter knife. She claimed this was to scare her from talking to police, that we would say she was the aggressor. Unbelievable? Not if you already believe trans people are subhuman.


Child testimonies back then were often coached. Trans people were easily vilified. Since no corroborating evidence was necessary back then to convict for sexual misconduct, both transwomen were wrongly convicted and sentenced to long terms in men’s prisons, where Steph’s codefendant transgender sibling died in 2001.


Repeated efforts to overcome this wrongful conviction failed. After serving a full 12-year sentence for not copping a plea, Steph was discharged and went on to finish undergraduate and graduate degrees. But is required to register as a sex offender for life, destroying economic and other opportunities. Your support can help turn this around.

FLIPSIDE: Acknowledging the worst of it


Prior to accepting herself as transgender, Janet often ran afoul of the law. She appears to have suffered Asperger’s (high functioning autism), so was slow at responding to social cues. She overcame dyslexia and other challenges to lead a healthy life, until this happened.

ASPIRATIONS: All I'm asking for

FORTITUDE: Despite the wrongful conviction

THE PLAN: Support me to turn this around

Then turn tragedy into opportunity

UPDATE: My latest progress

I'm already noticing improvement. One week into the Plan and I've already lowered the amount of anxiety and depression I've been suffering. I trust it can be lowered further once I'm supported when contacting prospect employers whose trust I painfully need. 

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Presenting as stressed by actions of Ascribed Impactor.


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Asexual person comes out as transgender in early 90s, gets falsely accused as being a “sexual predator” homophobic stereotype. Convicted without evidence. Must register as sex offender for life. Forced into poverty and homelessness.

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Value Relating focuses on the need for both caught in a power differential to better understand one another's needs, and then to be sure to respond to them as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Progress Log

On [DATE], Steph raised 

On [DATE], Steph's anxiety levels dropped for - 33% improvement

On [DATE], Steph reached milestone of 

Thanks to Steph's supporters, Steph is now 

Instead of being adversarial with litigation, Steph and [ENTITY] are responding to each other's needs

On [DATE], Steph failed to perform a S.M.A.R.T. objective that was to 

After discussing with Value Relating's psychosociotherapist, Steph adjusted the objective to make it more reachable

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The demand for professional help to review these viable claims of innocence far outstrips the meager supply. Innocence Projects remain overwhelmed. 

Until resources catch up to the needs of this crisis, this provides a calculated estimate of likely factual innocence. 

No one sits above the law, yet no law sits above need. Laws exist to serve needs, but whose?


And all needs sit equal before nature.

The moral question persists: whose needs get best served by which enforced laws?

The answer determines the level of legitimacy, the level of widely earned trust to serve these needs.


No one sits above the love, yet no law sits above need. Laws exist to serve needs. But whose needs?

Value Relating addresses the stress in our lives. But instead of helping individuals adjust to life's stressors, Value Relating links them to the source of such stress. Then it helps each to bring out the value in the other, building one bridge at a time.

This is a great place to tell people more about yourself and peak their interest.

For more info, they can follow you on social in a click.

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Provisional planning


Stress Shame


even when you feel like giving up on them.


Impactee's Stress


that increases risks for poor wellness outcomes.

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Process when initiated by Impactee:

Carefully Screening Careless Screening - Value Relating
Here's the text to Carefully Screening Careless Screening

How well do you trust background checks? Do you treat every felony record the same? Do you rely on the criminal justice system to correct its errors, to provide you accurate information?

Ideally, the criminal justice system will recognize and correct each wrongful conviction. In reality, the criminal justice system currently lacks the structure to process the immense numbers of compelling claims of actual innocence. The demand for professional help to review these convincing claims of innocence far outstrips the meager supply. Innocence Projects remain overwhelmed. They’re kept busy serving innocent prisoners. Most wrongly convicted are now out of prison and fall through the cracks. There could be well over a million wrongly convicted persons in the United States.

We know without doubt,” declares the editor of the National Registry of Exonerations, “that the vast majority of innocent defendants who are [wrongly] convicted of crimes are never identified and cleared.” The current number of exonerations serve only as the visible tip to an immense iceberg of needlessly destroyed lives. You and I can do something while waiting for the courts to eventually correct these costly errors.

In its current structure, the criminal justice system appears unready to admit or deal with the full scope of this crisis. It’s now easier for the accused to admit their human imperfections than for law enforcement and prosecutors to admit theirs. To wait for the criminal justice system to exonerate every wrongly convicted person is to be complicit with the problem. You now have a viable alternative.

This conciliatory approach fills a vastly underserved need. Instead of relying on a simple binary of guilt-or-innocence, you receive an informed estimate between probable guilt to probable innocence, compared to those already exonerated. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood that the claimant is a non-exonerated wrongly convicted (NEWC) person. You deserve to make better informed decisions than what current felony records afford.

Before you fall passively complicit with the enormous problem of wrongful convictions, consider this report. You may save a life while helping your own.

Thank you.

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If we assume everyone with a felony record is guilty of the crime, then we may be guilty of complicity in the unfolding crisis of wrongful convictions.


Impactor Investor Club


Match dollar-for-dollar to the claimant's Support Team


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Value Relating offers opportunity in place of


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